Benzo Buddies lunatic rages at Roche Pharmaceuticals

I am Fuming right now after a call with Roche pharmaceuticals
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So I just called Roche Pharmaceuticals, the company that produces/makes Klonopin. I explained to them that I am going to be tapering off Klonopin and wanted some advice. They WOULD NOT help me and could care less when I told them some of the discontinuation effects that klonopin has on people. They told me it was out of their control and they also could not help with a taper plan. I explained to them that my doctor did give me a taper plan that was a little too rapid for me in the past and I am preparing and I just wanted a second opinion before I started my taper. I told them I was calling them for a second opinion since they make the pills and know how the pills are chemically produced. The answer was exactly as the “I’M SORRY, WE CANNOT HELP YOU”. Anyway, if I ever doubted benzobuddies in the past, now I really don’t. You were all right from the beginning. Doctor’s pharmaceutical companies and all the rest of them are completely helpless and useless. I guess it is up to us to be our own doctors and just help our selves and hope for the best. Sorry, I just needed to vent. ROCHE PHARMACEUTICALS are pure evil!!!!!!

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  1. Um, it’s ilegal for Roche to give over-the-phone tapering advice to anyone who calls up!

    Another buddy points this out but is subsequently ignored as the witchhunt continues.

    That thread, nae that forum-attitude, is so unbelievably dumb it’s making me cringe!

    I keep having this image of an obese, florally-dressed housewife getting all sweaty and redfaced at not getting her own way when absolutel nobody else would, either.

    Would it be like be complaining to McDonlalds that I got really fat eating their food so they should rell me how to lose it?


  2. Ps..

    I was diagnosed with severe hypertension a few months ago which is still settling down wiith medical treatment that works REALLY well (ps I hate you Big Pharma for saving me from a nasty, painful death caused by the same illness that killed my mother 12yrs ago.. you corrupt pieces of shit you.. and that idiot doctor who insisted I go to hospital just in time or I would have dropped dead.. it’s an evil conspiracy just to make money for themselves I tell ya).. so maybe bashing Roche & other Big Pharma and trying to have them shut down is like.. really dumb.. because if they’re not there who the fuck is going to make the treatments we need to stay alive?


  3. JB, great point and I agree. Thank goodness for life saving pharmaceuticals. But I am concerned that people can see the difference between treating an objectively diagnosed disease with drugs and a psychiatrist prescribing psychiatric drugs for a very subjective “mental illness diagnosis”. It is no exaggeration to say bipolar diagnosis has exploded in recent years. Any legit reason? The DSM is a laughable joke. Almost any normal behavior can now be called a mental illness, with a slew of drugs to be prescribed to “treat the disease” ? They actually make the shit up as they go along!?
    Anecdotally, many doctors of medicine I know or have spoken with, feel that psychiatrists are not really doctors- not in the same sense that an orthopedist or an oncologist is. One deals with objectively diagnosed, verifiable problems, the other does not. One has best practices and treatment guidelines, the other does not. One uses repeatable, reliable diagnostics, the other does not. One can actually cure an ailment, the other can not.
    I understand that sometimes a drug addict needs to stay on drugs, but imho too many people are becoming addicted to psychiatric medications, and sadly, some suffer significant side effects and some have a very difficult discontinuation syndrome.

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