The anti-psychiatry cult organizes themselves to attack patients, often mentally ill, who’s only crime is taking their doctor prescribed medication. The brainwashed zealots see themselves as saviors on a crusade to save people from Big Pharma’s evil medications. They don’t care who they hurt on their mission to destroy psychiatry. To these miserable wretches, the millions of people helped by medication can all go to hell. Promotion of cult ideology is bad enough, and to be honest, no one but other cult members sees it or cares, but the harassment of the sick is not going to be tolerated.


  1. There seems to be no shade of grey.. it’s either ban psychiatry (cchr aim) and impeach all pharmaceutical companies (“big pharma”) or quite literally kill psychiatrists and prescribing doctors.

    There’s a real spiteful, twisted hatred being promoted and impressionable people are being brainwashed further down that rabbit hole every day!

    Ok, but what do the drug manufacturers do as a business.. do these cult-thinkers even know? Are they aware pharma companies HAVE TO make money, by law? That they produce drugs that save millions of lives and benefit the lives of millions more, EVERY year? Do they believe their anecdotal claims amount to scientific evidence that would win them a class-action lawsuit? Do they realise that phychiatrists keep insane people locked away from raping & murdering their children?

    What’s the difference between benzobuddies and religious extremism? So far as I can see one misinterprets and worships an alleged prophet and the other misinterprets and worships an alleged addiction expert, both resulting in violent extremism, hate and illogical ideological thinking and action that calls for the destruction of those they dislike!

    It’s literally a group of insane, psychiatrically-medicated people callling for the end to companies that save hundreds of millions of lives every year, just because a handful of them claim benzos have ruined their lives?

    That’s insane in itself!

  2. Western medicine is awesome. Vaccines save countless lives.

    In my local Sunday paper, they are running a series of articles re the mental health crisis we now face. Specially when things turn deadly. The mentally Ill all seem to take drugs and/ or alcohol.

    There is growing sentiment that the whole way we treat the mentally ill with drugs needs to be seriously examined. Our returning war vets who are suffering PTSD and prescribed psychiatric drugs, are not responding well. Serious changes are taking place now in how we care treat them. Non drug based programs are showing promising results so far. I think this sort of approach will catch on with the civilian population as well. One can only hope.

  3. There are more cults than just scientology. Anyone, any organization that “practices” psychiatry without a license can be a cult. A.A. is one, or closely bordering it, and is a very dangerous pseudo-science that has the medical community and Western Society in general, conned.

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