Professional victim: “I never knew it was addictive”

Benzo Victim of 20 years
« on: June 08, 2016, 08:18:33 am »


Hello All. I was prescribed Klonopin 20 years ago for sleep. Was upped small doses over the initial years due to intolerance. My high water mark was 6mg of K. Realized 10 years into the poisoning that I needed to get off. It took 2 years but I got myself down to 0. Was at 0 for 2 years and began suffering severe panic attacks. Psych put me back on and eventually upped to 6mg of K again. Over the past 18 months was able to wean down to 1.5mg but am stuck at this level. Still have hope of getting to 0 again and staying clean of this toxic med. Glad to meet you all. It is possible to get off of benzos and stay off.

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