One thought on “JB hits the nail on the head re: Benzo Buddies

  1. ^ Yeah, and it only took me being smashed out of my face to not see that while I was still there!

    Oh, wait, no, it was also because they keep on promoting the idea with pages and pages and a whole section dedicated purely to calling CoM a “hate blog”, and also Colin’s redirect page laying into M59 for being a cult member (projecting much, Col?).

    CoM a hate blog? Even IF it was, which it isn’t as the most subjectively “hateful” posts here have been added by me over the last few weeks and they’re often about my personal experiences at the hands of a vicous feminist clique, then what does it say about a whole forum full of people attacking the above groups and wanting them hurt, put out of business, sued and even murdered?

    I call THAT hate, by definition, and do the forum team or its owner do a single thing to stop that culture?

    Well, yes, they have a sticky thread buried somewhere deep within the Community Guidelines. It’s about as useful as those warnings on cigarette packs telling smokers not to start smoking when clearly they bought tobacco because they’re smokers. It’s a token gesture at best.

    That said, unless I’m imagining it, there does seem to be an increasing number of members going against the grain of late and challenging things like the hyper-negative members, long tapers, fearmongering and nonscience.. with far less vicious attacks on those members when they start threads challenging those dogmatic tones.

    I could well be wrong but I have a suspicion that a critical mass is possible in the near future and a ‘pushback’ against the bullshit may be related to some key members leaving, policies being implemented to make it more difficult to delete an account and an increase in logically-thinking core members.

    In my experience a forum’s culture can change with just 25 intelligent members sticking together and making the unscientific, hateful morons feel stupid around them simply by sticking to the facts and not being bullied into nonscience (nonsense).

    A benzo information forum with the right, positive environment could probably seriously damage benzobuddies ideological grip over most of its members. It’s ONLY so active because there isn’t anywhere else left right now!

    There’s always hope for change and at the end of the day, choosing between CoM and benzobuddies… the hurt, the hate, the nonsense, the vile attacks… where are they ACTUALLY manifesting? On benzobuddies, not CoM.. and that I can now see for myself without the bb propaganda muddying the water.


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