Benzo Buddies claims it’s not anti-psychiatry but states “psychiatrists are money hungry and set us into a trap”

Psychiatrists are money hungry and set us into a trap!
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My family is completely outraged right now, including myself because I am the one going through everything right now. When I walked into my doctor’s office last year, my doctor told me she was prescribing me Klonopin since I did not respond well to antidepressants. I was told about the risks and benefits of taking the medication (meaning while on it) but not the long-term effects and what coming off the medication would be like. I was never advised that klonopin is considered off-label treatment for long term use and I was never advised that the FDA strongly recommends that any benzo should be used for short term use only.

My question is how do doctor’s get away with this? it is all about corporate greed! I pay my psychiatrist out of pocket and the treatment is not covered by my insurance. Yes, the klonopin worked well for me for the first few months I took it but after a while, it completely lost its therapeutic value and I was back to square one again with anxiety worse than ever, only now with this burden on me of having to come off it. I really would like to know how doctors get away with this and why they are NOT REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW to inform patients that there are serious risks involved if the medication is prescribed for more than a couple of weeks. I think they really do want to keep us dependent so they keep getting paid. Perfect case in point, when I told my doctor my anxiety was coming back and the klonopin was doing nothing for me anymore, her first recommendation was to increase it. My answer: like hell! This was after I educated myself that klonopin and other benzos loose their value after taking it for long periods and the only way to make the anxiety go away is to take more and more and more! It is an abomination and just plain cruel to put peoples quality of life on the line for their own selfish benefits. I am not even going to bother making complaints. I complained to the FDA and I was told to fill out an application. I complained to several pharmaceutical companies and I just got hung up on! Again, thank God for Benzobuddies!
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4 thoughts on “Benzo Buddies claims it’s not anti-psychiatry but states “psychiatrists are money hungry and set us into a trap”

  1. Sure, whine like a pussy because you couldn’t be bothered to read-up on klonpin before starting it.. only bother reading up n it and thank an internet forum affter becoming dependent on it.

    Nope, you have absolutely zero culpability and it’s “all about corporate greed”. Sure.

    It couldn’t POSSIBLY ust be about the fact that a TINY percentage of peoople even get withdrawal symptoms that are severe so why would the doctor be in the business of assuming you’re going to be one of them?

    I’m sorry, but if it was only given a year ago, there’s something in America called a “black label warning” that DID tell you about the medication’s potential for addiction, you just obviously A) didn’t choose to read it and B) shove whatever the doctor gives you down your own throat without researching it first (showing that YOU are irresponsible with drugs as it’s YOUR body) and C) google didn’t exist all of a year ago in your reality?

    Sorry but nowadays, especially, there’s no excuse for not looking-up what you’re being offered before starting to guzzle them like M&M’s!!

    Cry me a fucking river.. some of us have REAL problems in life that no amount of pills will wash away no matter which ones we pretend we’re not responsible for swallowing every day!! You could have / nae SHOULd have asked a pharmacist who would have advised you about the medication properly.

    Do you complain to a car salesman when your car needs fixing, just because he sold you the car? No, you take it to a mechanic who knows about the way a car works!!

    It’s your own damn fault for handing your mind & body over to someone else and now playing innocent victim so you can keep malingering for longer!

  2. Ps.. EVERYONE who has to pay Corporation Tax is “money hungry”.

    Welcome to Capitalism (the thing that enabled “big pharma” to make psych drugs for people like you to complain about)!!!!

  3. “I agree (about the way to go, although we tried that here too and nothing has been achieved really).

    re the court case, it cost £33million and we didn’t even get to see their documents.
    not that that would have made any difference, the “Expert Witnesses” were crap, they all said that we had “pre existing conditions” or that our sx were all due to one of the other meds we were usually taking. Not a chance with people like that representing us (and they got paid a fortune)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    ^^ Oh man.. and still they don’t take the hint, even $33 MILLION dollars worth of lawsuit later and when their own expert witnesses basically point out they’re hypochondriacs with poly-drug issues (yeah like… obviously things like that affect withdrawal ‘sxs’… but you try suggesting that on the forum!).

    If this isn’t benzobuddies perpetuating this kind of mass-insanity, what is?

    Ps just in case a self-righteous buddy is reading this.. I’m mocking the forum’s culture, not its many mentally-ill people such as in that thread!

  4. More anti-doctor sentiment fro benzobuddies:

    “This is horrible ‘Opponents say the threat from benzos is overblown. Tufts Medical Center psychiatrist Dr. Edward Silberman, who testified against the bill, said benzos are a relatively safe drug. Unless a patient suffers from addiction to other substances as well, benzos can’t do much harm, he said.’

    What a horrible misconception”


    Then, on the 4th reply to the thread a buddy rightly points out:

    “They are just talking about overdosing when taken alone. In that respect the Dr quoted is correct. It is very hard to od on and that’s what his “safe” comment is about.”

    But, 2 pages later and counting, they’re still ignoring that obvious truth and are still sneering & attacking the doctor who was actually correct. It’s interesting how this kind of ad-hominem attack is so common with nobody actually reading the aritcle and merely jumping on the doctor-hate bandwagon the second they see a crticism-thread.. but it’s not a hate-forum, allegedly, it’s a support-forum. Cough.

    I also find it ironic that the OP of the thread is talking about “horrible misconceptions” after not reading the article they’re attacking – my bad, they’re not actually attacking the article they’re just attacking the doctor who is right about benzos being safer than aspirin relating to overdose.

    I suppose that’s just another day of doctor-bashing on benzobuddies that, according to the forum’s own policies, shouldn’t be happpening. What are the odds that admin never see these threads? Zero.

    They’re a hate-forum that targets doctors, psychiatrists, pharmacuetical companies and other individuals they dislike and then tarnish their reputations, plain and simple, and the evidence isn’t ‘scratchy’ it’s utterly *overwhelming*!!

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