Freak show: Add tomato juice, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and whole wheat bread to things Ashton’s kooks can’t eat

Could diet be causing symptoms?
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I was feeling a little more normal this morning, which is unusual. Mid-morning I had yogurt, banana & kiwi for snack. Lunch I had avacado, cheddar cheese, sliced tomato with butter, mayo on 2 slices of 100% whole wheat bread with glass of tomato juice.

About 1/2 hr later I became extremely tired so closed my eyes and tried to nap but got my regular 10 min toxic nap where I woke up in burning nerve pain, very anxious.

For those who know nutrition, could what I ate have caused this? I’m low in potassium so need the tomato/banana a potassium pill upsets my stomach.

Thank you.


Re: Could diet be causing symptoms?
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Try eliminating the tomato and the tomato juice and see if you feel better. Try for a day. If it works, I’ll tell you my hunch. Can’t hurt.

Re: Could diet be causing symptoms?
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Cheedar cheese…whole wheat bread… , the question is answerd

One thought on “Freak show: Add tomato juice, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and whole wheat bread to things Ashton’s kooks can’t eat

  1. It just infuriates me to see such a nutritious meal blamed for her feeling tired. Cheese and bread? Based on a hunch that she won’t reveal until later, but why not now?

    Why not a kiwi allergy? Why not the low potassium in the blood? And I like the way the doctor advises that it can’t hurt to give up tomatoes for a few days in response to the OP saying she needs them for potassium. Low potassium does cause other health problems in this reality.

    Did the diagnosing buddy have the medical history for the OP before ‘prescribing’ a dietary change?

    I’ll bet other buddies would blame later symptoms on potassium depletion!

    Maybe, just maybe, people (especially hormonal women with hypochondria) get tired and irritable at random times of the day? If they think not they should try being a man every 28 days and see how impossible it is for US having to duck for cover! Or, it could be warning them of an illness. Or God forbid she may actually just have been tired after eating!

    Hell, maybe it’s just a bug from not washing her worktops properly or too much rubbing-off over pictures of Tom Hardy with his shirt off?

    I prescribe growing up a little and stop whining on the Internet about every little time we don’t feel 100%. But what do I know?

    Hint: nobody feels 100% all of the time benzo or no benzo. It’s called the pain of life!


    No matter what you ask about on benzobuddies, at least one member will tell you that’s what’s causing whatever symptom you list.

    You’re GUARANTEED to find validation and this could just be a giant distraction from warning signs of the genuine issue.

    This is ridiculous junk-diagnosis on a mass scale.

    People are literally being harmed by this and they just keep on going, in mass ignorance.

    I wish those vulnerable buddies the quickest escape from that ‘sickness-cult’!

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