Benzo Buddies being used to target doctors

Interesting side note: They claim to have sued “a lot of doctors” but can’t name one of them. If they had said “we’ve harassed a lot of doctors” I could believe that but I am calling bullshit on their claims of legal action.

Re: Benzo Class Action Lawsuit via Facebook Group
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we’ve successfully sued a lot of doctors – that hasn’t been a problem at all – they can’t answer a thing about the drugs in a deposition and the insurance companies settle

but now this has made cesspool – bet he won’t print that

6 thoughts on “Benzo Buddies being used to target doctors

  1. “Bet he won’t print that”.

    ^^ I bet he will!

    On the other hand, I wonder if you’ll actually cough-up the names of the cases or states that you’ve allegedly won ALL of your cases in, or whether that’ll remain in the jurisdiction of Private Messaging on benzobuddies?

    One would think with all those wins, you’d be proudly advertising them!

    Why so secret? Because you’re full of it, perhaps, and just want to get more buddies to sue individual doctors so that you/your lawyers firm can get a percentage from the insurance companies out-of-court settlements?

    Hmm. THEY may be too stoned to see the slight-of-hand, but not everybody is desperate for a champion.

  2. Well, dear MSAB..

    It’s been 4 days since your last post in the benzobuddies thread where you wouldn’t publish the names / states of all your victories against individual doctors and sneered at M59 thinking he wouldn’t post your claims, yet he did, and here we are still without your alleged list of vicories that you’d only send via private messages. Hmm.

    Is that because someone is now asking what your agenda is.. ie just using vulnerable buddies as a means to an end so that you can sue doctors and get a percentage of the insurance money, and/or charge fees to unsuspecting addicts?

    It seems increasingly so, as you’ve suddenly gone all quiet and the thread has died down. That’s weird, isn’t it?

    What ae you going silent for.. a 100% win ratio is surely something you’d want to keep bragging about IF you’re meant to be in this for the victories, right?

    Since you said you were reading CoM’s posts, are you going to pick up the gauntlet I laid down for you or are you too chicken to have the spotlight shone on your obvious MONEY SCAM?

    Come here, let’s exammine your claims properly IF you have nothing to hide about your motives.

  3. It is really surprising how many people try and exploit these few poor souls on BB.

    The vitamin scammers are pretty regular visitors. I like the guys who are offering a “cure” for benzo WD. There was one guy named Grizzly who would make the BW hall of shame as the greatest snake oil salesmen of all time. His “cure” actually put himself into the hospital, but every kook on the site bought into his shit, hook, line, and sinker.

    Please note: no mods ever protect their members from obvious con men. The members are left to fend for themselves, while the site allows them all to be placed in harms way. Shameful stuff. Dangerous stuff.

  4. ^^ Looking back I can’t think of a single thread in the moderator’s area ever discussing that.

    There’s a popular trend of numerous members prescribing vitamin D to each other (harmful to some people and bad for the efficacy of certain hypertension meds but hey). Then there’s the gabapentin crowd hard at work. Or the antihistamine sleeping pills group.

    Reminds me of that fad in the nineties where new-agers were glugging tons of vitamin E because there was apparently a “big pharma” conspiracy to hide how beneficial it was at high doses.. only to later find out they’d damaged their livers! That theory was promulgated by supplement suppliers (surprise)!

    And this is what we know about rom public threads.. god only knows the level of harmful/dangerous money-making exploitation that REALLY goes on over pm’s!!

  5. A thread someone started at Benzo Buddies.

    Prepare to see a lot of them being constantly cold-called by the scam law firm Sokolov. That’s well publicized with a quick Google search.

    It’s a damn tragedy they’ll actually fall for it, too!

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