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  1. ^^ What WILL happen as a result of groups like thhat trying to bring lawsuits against “big pharma” is:

    1) Increase pharmaceutical companies legal budget to defend against them making it harder to bring genuine lawsuits for generations to come

    2) Reduce the amount of prescriptions that will help people because responsible doctors fear being sued for nothing

    3) Reduce the amount of money spare to develop new, beneficial drugs

    4) Make ALL drugs more expensive for EVERYONE who pays for their medical insurance, the state and end-consumers who pay privately

    5) Ultimately harm the other 99%+ of patients who have good experiences with pharmacueticals

    That last one is what concerns me the most as I fall into that category and I wouldn’t be heere today writing this post had it not been for pharmaceutical companies developing drugs that keep me alive, literally!

    Anyone who cannot see the HARM that’s being done to MILLIONS of innocent people with these silly lawsuits is not paying atttention and needs to get their pissy attitudes in check.


  2. “The class action is more complicated bc of a few things, but I’m not worried about it. Amazing someone would be offended when one major benefit of class actions do is make pharmaceutical products safer. If anyone was against them, that would show a severe critical thinking deficiency, as class actions are what gets the lazy FDA (a brief stopping point employer on the way to becoming pharmaceutical executives) to recognize certain drugs are deadly.”

    ^^Dear benzobuddy who a) wrote that and b) I know is reading this because you’re digging at CoM on the benzobuddy thread that’s being permitted to hate on doctors and psychiatrists..

    You proudly talk of CoM being scared to “print” the topic of class-action lawsuits being won (wrong because there have’t been any have there, isn’t that your point?) but have only been won against individual doctors because you claim that “psychiatry is a pseudoscience”. Yeah, well, individual doctors do things wrong but that is NOt a class-action lawsuit win againt “big pharma” is it?

    If you’re SOOOO armed with science and truth, why not come here and address the points I’ve raied above about how people like you are just damaging MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people who don’t have these alleged issues with benzos (90% of benzo users that is), and indeed the countless other medications that exist?

    All you seem focused on is a false belief that pharmaceuticals can be made 100% safe. Newsflash.. they can’t and all drugs have side-effects. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s called science.

    You think you’re of a superior critical intellect while you completely ignore science and the obvious risks to everybody else’s health who aren’t even taking benzos? lol.. sure you are.

    Ok, come here and prove it instead of just hiding in your groups and brainwashing people with your own psuedoscience and uncritical thinking.

    There’s the gauntlet.. what have you to say about all the DAMAGE you’re doing to millions of innocent people taking their meds to stay alive? You’re NOT “making drugs safer”, you’re just bashing companies that make drugs to keep people alive and using thayt as a weak excuse to promote your AGENDA.

    We’ll see if you have the minerals to come here and answer thhat. I highly doubt you do, though, because you’re a chicken who only wants to hear your own voice yapping on about victories.

    One day the “big pharma” lawyers are going to squash you al like bugs because.. well.. they can if they choose to as they’ll just cite the 90% of users who have no problems and will show that you seem to believe drugs are 100% safe.


  3. *Quote from: [Buddie] on June 20, 2016, 02:55:47 pm
    What states have you won cases in? Is it ethical for you to cite case law here on BB? I only ask because I am a paralegal looking to do the research on my own before I present it to the attorney I have in mind to represent me. I would like to approach her with a solid argument. Of course you must know that involves citing case law in order for me to be taken seriously. If it’s possible, I sure would appreciate you sharing some of the work you have already done. I don’t have to tell you how beneficial it would be to my case. Thank you in advance for your time and for your help. >end quote<

    MSAB replies: "We use the same lawyer for most people. PM me and we can talk more".*

    ^^ JB says.. sure.. go quiet all of a sudden and take it to PM's because it must be SUCH a secret to answer publicly which states you've won in, right?

    Why do I smell someone using front & bullshit to scam people?

    Anyway, MSAB(?) you've talked a good game about safety of medicines, but you're indirectly targeting the pockets of the people who are sick, in need of meds, and you're clearly using this as an excuse to MAKE YOUR GROUP MONEY OFF OF THE BACKS OF MENTALLY-ILL, VULNERABLE & IMPRESSIONABLE PEOPLE!

    Shame on you. That's whhy I'm going to make it my business to raise your profile with the "big pharma" lawyers and see if they want to have your little EXTORTION RACKET shut down.

    Because that's exactly what it is (IF it's even real, which I doubt – 'every sngle case you've won'?… nah you haven't).. it's an EXTORTION RACKET TO BULLY INDIVIDUAL DOCTORS MONEY FROM **THEIR INSURANCE**!!

    I'll be doing that for the sake of the hundreds of millions of people who are kept alive by pharmaceutical companies, unlike you who's trying to scam people by pretending to be working on their behalf.

    Sure, and your "lawyers" that YOU KEEP USING to BILK money out of insurance companies are really helping to make drugs safer.

    Except they're not, they're just making them more expensive so that you can get a percentage.

    Got anything to say about that in public or would you prefer to keep that private and done over PM's, too, where nobody can see and examine YOUR REAL AGENDA?

  4. So, none of these “we’ve won all our cases” names or locations, then, MSAB?

    That’s weird… isn’t it.

    Well, weird if one doesn’t understand that some people get vulnerable people to use a lawfirm that takes a cut of the insurance payout, or charges fees to try.

    Nice little money-maker benzobuddies are providing for you there.


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