Doctor-bashers organize attack on woman who asks them to stop doctor-bashing

“There’s no such thing as a ‘low dose’ especially when you’ve been on it SO LONG! I see you say for patients to educate themselves but unfortunately you are not educated on the long-term effects of what has happened to your body by being on them for 30 years. If your doctor cuts you off, you will find out really quick how sick your body really is. Come join the 20,000 of us that have had so much damage from these drugs!” – angelaandgijoe1

Angela obtained her medical degree from L. Ron Hubbard University. 😉

“Benzobuddies don’t have 20,000.00 at point, but they have had about 20,000.00 since they started a little over 10 years ago. Right now I think they have about 1500. That includes actually members and those that ‘peep’ in through the curtains.” – Shelly Ann

Benzo Buddies has a few hundred – tops – members that participate (most make between 1-5 posts and leave). They do not have 20,000, or even 1500, active members. Colin, and anyone that believes his hysterically padded membership rolls, is delusional.

“stop the doctor bashing on benzo’s … educate yourself” (video since removed)

3 thoughts on “Doctor-bashers organize attack on woman who asks them to stop doctor-bashing

  1. 20,000? 1500? No no no. Not even close.

    Try close to 200 regular members of which about 70 are long-term taperers (2+yrs), and about 30 don’t even use benzos any more but still claim to not be “healed”.

    The rest are lurkers and sporadic posters, and that number is dropping from 2yrs ago.

    Note, *and this is the only forum of its type on the internet* which, if you think about it, shows that it’s not THAT well populated and basically become a giant clique that a bunch of crazies is keeping going!

    A) If there was a choice (competition), I’m sure half of those members would go elsewhere and benzobuddies would be a marginal forum! It’s not as popular as it appears, and it’s degenerated into a hate-forum that the admins have lost control of (unless that’s what they want, of course).

    B) If they didn’t make it so hard to close an account, many more would leave.

    C) Half the posts are pure, unadultrated, unscientific, hateful nonsense.

    In other words, it’s a microcosm, it’s just ‘upsold’ / marketed as being the most popular of all benzo forums, but being the only one, should put it back into perspective.

  2. Oh, and of course, nearly all of those 200 are from North America.. with a tiny handful from the UK where the forum is based/hosted (maybe 10) and another handful dotted around the world.

    Most members come and go within a few weeks.

    That should indicate a few things to anyone paying attention.

  3. Re: “Canada’s opioid crisis: five areas the feds must lead”
    « Reply #1 on: June 26, 2016, 04:38:43 am »

    We’ve had 3500 deaths from opioid overdoses just last year in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. The governor is spending lots of money to get the crisis under control. Those rotten damn Big Pharma murderers. They’re killing off our citizens. I’m still pissed about Prince’s untimely death.


    ^^ Classic benzobuddies hate. 3500 people ‘overdose’ on opioids and this is allegedly because “big pharma are killing off citizens”?

    Couldn’t possibly be that people misuse opioids because they feel awesome, could it. Nope it’s a conspiracy to to kill us all off.

    Never mind that opioids are a completely different class of drug to benzos, or that those damn pharma companies saved a billion lives this century alone, which is weird considering they’re trying to kill us all (someone’s been watching too many new world order videos on YouTube), no let’s blame them for our drug addiction and stupidity for taking 20 years of benzos for a period of mild anxiety at work, but couldn’t stop getting repeat scripts for. Cough.

    It’s not really laughing when I say “Lol” it’s a sick desperation that this is commonplace and highly-infectious thinking on that hate-forum, but they just don’t want to see it (though I know some are reading this blog and rethinking things these days)!

    They (meaning mostly admin) have some nerve calling this a hate-blog for pointing it out!

    Mind you, many lies are passed down from the top to unsuspecting people at benzobuddies.

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