Jana Hill of benzodetoxrecovery.com / milk micro-taper fame – reinstates on benzos

Jana has reinstated!!!!
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I have it on solid authority. Evidently her lingering problems from her old site and her disappointment over not getting a patent for her milk microtitration method put her in a wave. She now realized that she tapered too quickly the first time so she has reinstated to 1mg K and will do a proper slow taper this time. Pulling for her.

Re: Jana has reinstated!!!!
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Jana from that benzodetoxrecovery site ?

I don’t know her history, but it looks like she really messed up. Of course, that’s not uncommon.

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I have no idea who this poor person even is, but do you two realize you sound rather gleeful about her troubles? You can say that you’re not, but you chose these words, and that’s how they come across. 

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Putting words in my mouth, […] ? You’re one to talk !

I’d never be gleeful about something like that. It’s tragic.

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Okay, I misspoke. It was […] who sounded gleeful with this exclamation-pointed announcement. You, […], were merely judgmental. Since to reinstate means a person was at least off the drugs for some period of time–a goal you yourself are apparently yet to achieve in this journey–where do you get off tut-tutting that she “really messed up?”

And what was the point of posting this sad bit of news in the first place? 

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We have a Report to Moderator about comments on this thread. I have to agree, what is the point of posting this? It’s gossip and it’s unsubstantiated.

That’s my personal opinion, not my ‘admin’ opinion, by the way.

I don’t see any rules broken here, although the quibbling is borderline and needs to stop. However, if this thread continues to be gossipy and contentious it will be locked.


Re: Jana has reinstated!!!!
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The thought of someone suffering so much as to reinstate is heartbreaking.

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There are some unsubstantiated remarks to this thread, but there are some important points I feel I should address irrespective of the factual basis for the claims about Jana’s ‘reinstatement.’

Hi […],

It seems that you (and probably the majority of those reading this thread) are unaware that for many years Jana had her own benzodiazepine withdrawal support forum, where she promoted a system of withdrawal (Dual TitrationTM) which she claimed to be superior to all other methods. She would personally devise individualised withdrawal regimes for her members based upon a secret recipe. She eventually filed for a patent on her method – the patent made little sense to me or anyone I asked to review it. I had nothing to say about Jana and her formula until: 1) her method and her forum were being heavily promoted at BB by a few of her members; and 2) she published her (hitherto secret) method via a patent application.

There was a long thread developing at BB about Jana’s method and patent. At this point I posted some detailed remarks about her method and its promotion at BB. My comments did not go down well with the few individuals attempting to promote Jana’s method at BB. Please note, I never disallowed discussion at BB regarding Jana’s method, her forum or her patent. However, I did heavily (and quite rightly) critique her system and how it was being promoted at BB and elsewhere. It is worth noting that at Jana’s forum (and at BB via her supporters), Prof. Ashton’s protocols were being (groundlessly) demonised as “cut and suffer”. You can read more about this matter and my comments from here, onwards:


Anyway, that’s the background. The thing is, if I reinstated benzodiazepines, with my higher online profile within these circles, it probably would be news around here and related spaces. But, it really shouldn’t be. Not, at least, in such ‘shocked tones’. If I reinstated, I could rightly point out that I do not promote my personal experience of withdrawal as being any more valid than that of anyone else. Nor do I promote a personally devised method as being superior to all other methods. In short, I am not a ‘withdrawal guru’ and am careful in how I promote myself to avoid such a mistaken perception. Jana is no more immune than me or anyone else to problems which might lead her to reinstate. My criticism is that Jana should not have played the role of ‘withdrawal guru’. I’ve seen this elsewhere, within and without the benzodiazepine withdrawal community. It is unhealthy and can lead to unrealistic and/or mistaken expectations of outcome (good or bad). Seeing your ‘guru’ falter might lead you to question your own progress. I am sure that being ‘guru’ to many people going through benzodiazepine withdrawal was ever Jana’s intention, but if you do play such a role, others will feel let down when others point out problems with your method, or you suddenly close your forum and cease providing tailored withdrawal services, or when you ‘fail’ in some manner. This is one of the main reasons why BB is organised as a peer-support environment.

I must also address the proposal of reinstatement of benzodiazepines after very many years of abstinence ‘to do the taper properly’: pharmacologically speaking, this makes absolutely no sense! Of course, such a reinstatement does not equate with the reversal of a cut because an individual has tapered too quickly and cannot bear the withdrawal symptoms. Nor does it equate it with someone who has quit (for however long) who subsequently decides to reinstate for whatever (considered) reason. However, I really do wish to nip in the bud the proposal that after a protracted period of abstinence from benzodiazepines that there are any good reasons for reinstatement for the sole purpose of ‘withdrawing again, properly’. I’ve seen this idea crop quite a number of times over the years. It just does not work like that. The three realistic options would be: 1) stay off benzodiazepines; 2) reinstate because it is your (and your doctor’s) considered opinion that this is best for you; or 3) reinstate with a goal of withdrawing sometime in the future when circumstances are better. But to reinstate (after many, many years abstinence) to ‘do withdrawal right’? No way! That’s plain wrong.

Quote from: [Buddie] on June 27, 2016, 11:57:56 pm
I have it on solid authority. Evidently her lingering problems from her old site and her disappointment over not getting a patent for her milk microtitration method put her in a wave. She now realized that she tapered too quickly the first time so she has reinstated to 1mg K and will do a proper slow taper this time. Pulling for her.

I wish Jana very best – I really do. I do not criticise Jana or anyone else who wishes to reinstate their use of benzodiazepines (I refer you all to the BB Mission Statement). But for the benefit of our members and anyone else who might read this thread: there is absolutely no pharmacological benefit/basis to the reinstatement of benzodiazepines years after withdrawal purely for the purposes of supposedly withdrawing again, but this time, ‘properly’.

9 thoughts on “Jana Hill of benzodetoxrecovery.com / milk micro-taper fame – reinstates on benzos

  1. Sad deal. What Jana and the other micro taper crowd fail to realize is, that the best healing takes place when all drugs are stopped. So simple and plain to see that even a small child can grasp this fact. It seems rather obvious to me that if, as they all contend, benzos are harmful, then to jump back on them make no sense!?!?!? To do a slow, proper taper?!?!?!! WTF!?!? Only more harm can come from this.

    What it really is, is a sad and pathetic grab at a therapeutic dose of benzos, and the obsessive fun that is micro frickin tapering. Then the whole day is spent thinking about and frickin around with drugs. Gosh darned drug addicts! What a joke! Why not try and be honest Jana, admit you are an anxious drug craving drug addict, and you are looking for a softer easier path through life……….good luck with that as I am very skeptical about the path you have chosen.

  2. Yes, I did have to reinstate. This time, I am going to do it right. Please takedown your hateful site Mike59.

  3. Jana, may I ask why this is a “have to” scenario for you?

    In theory, what would you do if the scientologists at benzobuddies had their way and all benzos had been banned in America since you were last on them?

    In that scenario, would you do nothing and get on with life or do something else to self-medicate?

  4. Jana, sorry about going back on the sucker pills, but if you think how you WD has any real material effect on your well being years later, you a terribly mistaken! That fact that you might convince some other vulnerable and misguided soul into believing such nonsense is, in my opinion, criminal. I guess mental illness can make people believe many far fetched and crazy ideas????

  5. Many people have to reinstate and slowly withdraw again. Why is this even a subject of discussion here? It takes many people several attempts to successfully with from these drugs permanently.

  6. Kindling is a commonly referred to part of cult dogma. Each time a person goes off and on a powerful drug like a benzo, significant increases if difficulty can occur. I am not sure about all that, but I am sure, that when an addict to various types of depressants, stops, the damaging effects of the drugs stops. When they start up again(God forbid) they take off exactly where they left off damage wise. Things will continue to progress down the horrible road towards incarceration, more severe mental illness, and premature death. No big deal. Personally, unless I had no choice, I would not willingly begin taking a drug I was addicted to again in a foolish attempt to try a quit it “right” this time. It is the stupidest, most dangerous idea I have seen expressed on a benzo site in a long time. It make no sense at all.

  7. “Many people have to reinstate and slowly withdraw again. Why is this even a subject of discussion here? It takes many people several attempts to successfully with from these drugs permanently.”

    ^^ That’s the thing, they actually don’t. Perhaps in a time-period of weeks or months after quitting they may reinstate because in that period they haven’t yet managed/learned to live consistently without medication (or drug-of-choice). That’s a normal part of any drug cessation.

    Going back to a substance that has not been used in years and that’s non-essential to health, with the sole purpose and in the context of quitting it again, is in fact what’s widely known as ‘justifying substance misuse’ (with a pretty circular excuse, in this case).

    You avoided the part of my question that asked ‘what you do if there were no benzos available’. That was an important part of my question because it shows that someone either has a defined medical need to be on a drug (like hypertension meds or blood-thinning meds) to save their life, or they’ve chosen (in your case quite willingly) to go back onto a psychoactive drug that produces desirable effects.

    Now, let me be clear.. personally, I support anyone’s right to get shitfaced or to use drugs for any other purpose, I believe in freedom over our own bodies. I will never argue against that as personal sovereignty is paramount to freedom in my view, and if that was what you were doing I’d cheerlead you on and tell you to enjoy getting fucked-up or switched-off. Honestly, good luck to you with your pills if you enjoy taking them (which you obviously do as I’m also a drug addict and know the behaviour when I see it – yes I’m clear now but I’ll still always be an addict).

    But, what you’re doing is something else and since you have a number of impressionable followers (by your design) what you’re doing becomes patently dangerous because you’re choosing to go back on a drug and are selling it as something that’s **necessary** FOR OTHERS, too, in order to stop taking the drug. But, you’ve already stopped, and so have many of them, so that’s benzos outof their lives.. unless they choose to start taking them again for another reason.

    I quit smoking, and I’ve been free of it for a while. if I started smoking again so that I could quit smoking without cold-turkey, what would I be doing? Yes, just justifying smoking again wiith a completely ridiculous excuse of starting so that I could quit again.

    What you’re saying is exactly the same thing, Jana.. you’re already quit, and that’s all there is to it, but now you have some problems with your mind/emotions that you’re going to drug away. Again, I have no problem with that approach to life as life is fucking hard.. but please, stop marketing it as a withdrawal method as it’s not, it’s a method to seek a drug-of-choice.. and in your position thhat will mean others will see it as a bonafide withdrawal method.

    Replace ‘benzos’ wiith ‘alcohol’ or ‘tobacco’ and In effect, you’re telling OTHER people that’s it’s perfectly rational to restart smoking / drinking when they’ve already managed to quit, so that.. whhy? They can quit properly next time.

    There’s no such thing as quitting properly again.. there was only managing to quit the last time and choosing to go back to substances the next time.

    And to say that’s necessary and in-effect tell others it’s necessary for them, too, is just plain fuckin’ dumb no matter how you cut it!

    It’s ok to take drugs, ya know. Its your body after all. But please, stop trying to convince others that your crazy whacked-out logic is actually a bonafide medical reason to restarts addictive drugs because it really isn’t.


  8. Jana, stay on the drugs or quit, no problem. I think you are addicted to tapering. I believe that you think you might find the “highly elusive” magic soft landing withdrawal. It does not exist. Each futile attempt to find it will surely cause more harm to you, or anyone else foolish enough to attempt such nonsense.
    I would wager that your friend John coz is one of your failed experiments, judging by his hate filled rant above.

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