Creating a condition that is stable as possible is the first pre-taper work. Here is how to do it:

  1. Take a consistent dose that you find best covers the withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Make or buy a liquid delivery form of your benzo.
  3. Divide that daily dose into from two to four EVEN doses. The liquid makes dividing easy.
  4. Take the divided doses at even intervals through the 24 hour period. That may be every twelve, eight, or four hours. Do not set am alarm to wake up for a dose. Take it as soon as you do awake and then take the rest of the doses on schedule.

That’s the “secret” to feeling better quickly and being in a good place for your real taper. Everyone needs to know this. Pass it on.

Just this simple pre-taper will surprise you and make you realize that you really can have control over this illness.

Happy Tapering,

Benzo-free since 3/23/06
Reinstated 6/27/16


  1. Wait a minute.. she reintated over TEN YEARS after quitting?

    I knew it was a long time but a whole decade and telling her followers this is “necessary” for some people?

    Well, that’s almost certainly going to become gospel and then spread among the “benzo community” like a computer virus!

    It just has zero basis in reality! I hope she makes the distinction for her followers heing “reinstating” and “using”.

  2. Which asshole are you referring to? If you don’t address me by name I can’t know if you’re talking to me (THE GIANT ASSHOLE) or the pervasive voice in your head (THE DELUDED ASSHOL.E).

    Also what does “reinstatement” work at? Getting another dependency to overcome? Smart move.

    Don’t forget to burst another blood vessel on your way out the door.

  3. This number 1 troll fellow is an absolutely crazed lunatic. I am not sure if his posts provide comic relief, or are the kind of negative and harmful cult speak that make everyone who reads them, just a little worse off knowing people like him exist.
    Troll, you can not really be serious about this reinstatement nonsense, can you? No way anyone is that ignorant. Stop pulling our legs now, please.

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