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hi Colin I was just noticing you mentioning to Genie about titration again. i am having a rough time with the every other week dry cuts now and have tons of liquid left over from when I tried a liquid titration recommended by Jana . It worked great for awhile, but I was cutting 3mg a month which was way too much for me even titrating and it caught up with me big time after 7 weeks. But I thought about doing it again now. I thought I could keep it at 1mg a month but the measurements on my syringe are hard to figure at that amount. 1.5mg a month would be much easier to figure how to measure. But that would increase my rate of taper by 50% and I am not sure that is a good idea either. I have to do something because I am sitting here at 10mg afraid to make another .5mg dry cut because the last one clobbered me and .25mg is impossible to measure with the pills. If you cut a 2mg pill into 8 pieces, you get no accuracy at all. from flick stuck in benzo hell

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Hi Flick.

Can you give me the details of your benzo regimen, and I’ll work out a taper that fits your needs. The system we’ve been developing means that cuts are very easy to measure. You will need a 100ml measuring cylinder, with at 1ml graduations. The methods means that you will be removing 1ml each day (or two or three days). It is the overall starting volume of liquid that allows the system to suit your need particular needs. I’ll explain more when you post the details of your taper, and the amount you’d like to cut, and over what period of time.

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