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  1. What I find sad about that, outside of that buddies obvious struggle, is that so many will be sucked in by the same negative placebo-effect and dragged down, making THAT the thing they really find hard to cope with.

    Sure, some DO get helped forwards there, but how many are simultaneoously helped backwards?

    That’d be bad enough as it is without several prominent members/team quite openly supporting the CCHR to boot, creating further dissonance between doctor and patient and instilling conspiracy-theories instead of reasoning!

    I think that member illustrates it perfectly how few have the independent thought to move away from the fire before they get burned too badly by it.

    I hope they reach their goals and find their peace after all this.

  2. https://www.facebook.com/kristina.stephenson/videos/vb.1300072782/10209888817239312/?type=2&theater

    ^^ Then of course there’s the ‘money makers’.

    Paraphrasing “I’ve run out of benzo excuses and benzobuddies don’t believe me anymore, so let me get a list of people together who all have computers and homes and clothes and an internet connection and an undiagnosed claim they have ‘lyme disease’ and then ask people to donate to them through gofundme. Then I can keep getting narcissistic attention and make it look like I’m something other than a fraudster who goes around playing on the emotions of vulnerable people”.

    Reported her to the FBI a while back for fraud as she’s been at the exact same game for several years now (she chose lyme disease as it just goes on forever with any obscure symptom you like (especially crying without tears on hundreds of yt videos) – much like they say on bb’s). She’s one of many on/ex benzobuddies doing the exact same thing. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, and half of them are too tranquilised to see it.

    Breaks my heart seeing so many vulnerable people fooled by charlatans, cliques, fraudsters and scientologists!

    Ps no, I actually don’t “hate her because she’s pretty” because I don’t think she’s pretty *at all*.. but I do hate what her type do to others! 🙂

  3. I don’t know. I was in a similar situation years back. While I find the protocol for the benzodiazepine detox very helpful the community is not the same.
    Your response while having some points contains a bit of projection itself.
    I agree she is a bit of a narcissist but as a person that also suffers from similar symptoms I feel empathy for her.
    I will not be funding her nor would I ever ask people to fund me.
    I just think your response is a bit telling to the type of hostile thinking she was met with on here.
    Rather than be aggressive why not just say sorry we couldn’t help, good luck on your health?

  4. She for sure has some of cluster b personality disorder types. Every week she’s “outing” someone as she calls it and trying to humiliate others to suite her own agenda. She twists other people’s words around and lies lies lies. People are finally starting to figure it out. Even some of her minions!

  5. I take a break for a year or so, but the cycle continues. Nice to know. I wish the crazy lady Godspeed.

    The problem with these cult sites is that they attack one specific problem, while demeaning others. We’re human, and there’s a WHOLE load of things that can be wrong with our brains. There is no one solution, and to try to provide such is a fallacy. I know this well, because I tried to help folks, before M59 and others showed me the error of my ways.

    If you look closely enough, we’re ALL fucked up mentally, in one way or another. There’s nothing wrong with that unless it is causing harm to ourselves or other people. However, joining an online asylum is not exactly an answer. Let’s see… we’ve got thousands of fucking idiots who are dealing with the same bullshit as we are… I guess we can ask THEM for advice! What could possibly go wrong?

    Support sites are well intended, but harmful and stupid in the long run. I call this post a success story… I don’t care about whatever problems the woman has… dealing with well-meaning morons online is no longer one of them.

    Cheers, fuckers!
    -The Rat

  6. I went to look at benzobuddies and even joined a benzo group on fb. Let me tell you, they will make your anxiety even worse! I started thinking every little thing happening was from benzo tapering . There were people in that fb group attention seeking going on fb life multiple times a day crying, screaming and that they need sleep. I was scared of what to eat, drink. I said f it and left the group. The taper was easier when I left. However I got back on klonopin because I’ve had anxiety since childhood and no ssris helped my gad . At this moment in my life I’m staying on because I found a regime (not just klonopin) that helps. The benzo groups have some good advice but a lot of it is scare tactics. What kind of life is it to suffer for years? It’s mainly their anxiety returning from getting off the meds or some other medical issue. I wouldn’t be surprised that there are scientologists in both benzobuddies and that fb group . This one dude told me to take a bunch of herbs for my insomnia and anxiety. He said I probably have parasites . Not all herbs are good for people either. Been there done that .

  7. I agree with you warlf . Everyone has issues. We are all different. This is why I hate when people demonize certain meds. Every med has side effects. Even otc’s. People will react differently . I hate this mentality of “all doctors are evil” “all meds are poisons.” I think that is pretty damn damaging to tell someone they need to get off a med that has changed their quality of life for the better. When you give advice for someone to maybe updose their benzo during withdrawal mods threaten you with a ban. People have a cult mentality in these benzo groups. There is no one size fits all when tapering off meds. The Ashton Manual is not going to work the same for everyone. Some people have no issue tapering Just over a month. I’ve literally seen people on there tapering for over 4 years saying they are suffering . What kind of life is that . Then some of them tell others to not listen to their doctor . Yeah wtf or the “Just ride it out. It’s benzo withdrawal “ to someone who is suicidal

  8. what’s up, mike59.

    i used to frequent here, years ago. after becoming horrified while attempting to quit long term benzos and having found benzo-buddies. thank God I was able to outsmart that trap. this site was a big help.

    several years benzo free now (minus a handful of uses over 3 years +. like 5-6 tops)

    withdrawal might have lasted a couple of weeks. nothing as bad as the stress of believing you’re in the type of situation that these poor souls stuck on that benzobuddies site believe they’re in for.

    sure i MIGHT be the ultra rare exception… or maybe someone on that site simply needs to read this comment after reading this site here. to feel immense relief. if that’s the case then go ahead and start laughing as soon as this sinks in.

    the stress of reading that site makes you feel hopeless. feeling hopeless for prolonged periods of time causes all sorts of symptoms. and an exaggerated level of perceived intensity of the less desirable ones. I WAS STUCK IN THAT TYPE OF MINDSET FOR LIKE A MONTH and it was HELLISH. it’s because of the website.

    the guy running this website is ACTUALLY SAVING LIVES. rather than “trolling”. if this makes any kind of sense to you, deep down, and you are stuck in that type of situation and frequenting benzobuddies. let this sink in.

  9. She’s a scam artist
    Apparently she’s miraculously healed of Lyme, ebv, rabies, encephalitis
    Going to bed early
    Working out 30 min
    Taking pekana big 3
    Charcoal detox
    And detox baths

    So what happened to all the money people donated to her? I don’t buy her BS anymore

    Great for her if she’s healed but seems fake

  10. “Lyme, ebv, rabies, encephalitis”

    Not forgetting mold toxicity and antidepressants withdrawal.

    But “it’s all just the benzos”, according to 95% of benzobuddies.

  11. Well she’s got a new video up
    And apparently writing a book. So watch out.
    Ps if you google spoiled Bianca apparently she also does fettish porn
    Hate to put it out there but something is amiss

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