Church of Ashton: ‘Global governments and Big Pharma behind giant conspiracy to enslave us all on benzos’

Wayne Douglas’ (Organizer) Public Address: W-BAD 2016 and Beyond–UCJ3NI&

Mike Fiftynine
Why do you blame doctors and/or psychiatrists for drug addiction? What about the patient’s responsibility? None? Zero? Detox facilities/units know very little about successfully detoxing addicts from benzos? Are you kidding? Doctors/psychiatrists are ALL ignorant (except Ashton)? Do you have a medical degree? Do you have any medical education, at a legitimate university, at all? Or are they ALL controlled by Big Pharma? Tens of millions of people have been helped by BZDs. The overwhelming majority of those people have no issue whatsoever stopping the medication. Those that do are not even a tenth of a percent. Your campaign is anti-science, and thus anti-human. Thank God you will never change anything.

Hard to see them leaving my comment up, much less responding to it in a sane manner, so putting it here for posterity.

2 thoughts on “Church of Ashton: ‘Global governments and Big Pharma behind giant conspiracy to enslave us all on benzos’

  1. Thing is, the government in the UK sincerely doesn’t want us on any sedatives, or anything addictive, as it weakens the productivity of the workforce. There’s a massive drive here to NOT prescribe addictive drugs (they cost a lot, after all).

    I wonder if that’s the same in the states or whether there’s just a difference with tv advertising and people ASKING for benzos more often? Asking for addictive drugs by class or name here is seen as drug-seeking behaviour.

    No offence meant, but middle-aged women from North America consume more benzos than the rest of the planet combined and think that means every other country is the same as theirs is.

    It isn’t.

    Evidence? See benzobuddies members and cross-section their demographic.

  2. The conspiracy woo has reached wiki now. Apparently it’s been flagged for deletion but the buddies don’t seem to see that the problem lays with its unsubstantiated claims of global, governmental conspiracy and doctor-blame.

    They seem to think it’s either big pharma or people who were bullied at school calling for its deletion.


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