Ashton taper pushes mother over the edge

Almost out of control situation, PLEASE HELP
« on: July 07, 2016, 04:29:54 am »


friends , today i experienced a situation that i never had before, My mom even before all that was already more or less exalted with every situation ,exalted i say more or less histeric, so now she been on recovery for 5 months, and most of the days she get histeric, today the situation went out of control, i dont know what to do, she got histeric for more or less 6 hours non stop, and im quiet in relation to it , so i hold up , hold up , hold up , and this is every day , but today it went very very bad , she went histeric for 6 hours , and its in relation , to the mess on the apartment that she could not stow, i was holding up , but more or less i lost it , …. i did almost jump out of the window , because of the stress. she do not do this on the street , just in home. i dont know what to do, i know that tomorrow it will be the same , wake up , histeric reaction , miostrly related with stowling things , much stress in the morning . than we probably will get out to lunch , when we wentt home , probably another histeric reaction , and so on , i want to get out of here , and stay n another place that she will not have to look to the mess thtat the apartment is . where do we go ? im feeling so ashame because of today , the neighbours , i feel that i cant look tho them face no more

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