End Psychiatry leader applauds murder of five cops

3 thoughts on “End Psychiatry leader applauds murder of five cops

  1. Am I reading this right, Daniel Carter is cheering on the murder of those Police Officers?

    DC, do you read this blog? If so may I take this momentary opportunity to point out that you’re the reason that we have aggressive psychiatric hospitals and Mental Health powers!

    You’re a danger to other by-proxy!

    Way to go if your aim is to reduce forced medication because if anyone wanted to cuff & medicate you to prevent your incitements to murder, I’d wholly support it, and pay for it, too!

  2. Oh yeah, you read it right.

    He also cheered a psychiatrist being murdered by her patient (guess what the buddies blamed.. yep his meds) and literally encourages other people to physically assault medics and the Police if they’re being committed to hospital.

    Bear in mind most Police have batons, gas, tazers and guns, and that violence tends to go against you when psychiatrists are determining if you’re a threat to yourself or others, and given he objects to compulsory confinement.. I can’t see a single problem with his logic.

    Can you?

    Outside of ridiculous haircut that makes me want to piss myself, he thinks he’s supertoughguy that can have it in a pagga.

    I reckon he’s got a glass jaw!

    Oh by the way, if you have an opinion about such horrific violence, and post it here, YOU’RE the hater.


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