Benzo Buddies member: “Colin Moran is the most important person in the entire world!”

Re: World Benzodiazepine Awareness day videos
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These are good videos.
Thanks for posting them.

I wonder if Colin has been asked to submit a video.
At this time Colin Moran is arguably
the most important person in the entire world
of benzo withdrawal and recovery.

How can we have a World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day
without an awareness of the largest, and really the only
benzo recovery website on the planet?
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4 thoughts on “Benzo Buddies member: “Colin Moran is the most important person in the entire world!”

  1. ^^ No cult-leader exaltation here at all.

    Nope. Move along nothing to see.

    I wonder if that buddy has a mental illness characterised by black & white thinking? I wonder how they’ll feel if they see the other side of him.

    Either way, did anyone notice how Colin didn’t show an ounce of humility at the comment and deny such God-like importance?

    Nope. Quite happy to have that false admiration and post to subtly give the appraisal confirmation. Naturally it’ll be read more if he posts in the thread.

    Anyway, there’s nothing odd to take note of there ?

  2. I’m really wondering what mental disorder you people have. You are at least as bad as the people on the other site.

  3. Every once in a while, some crack pot visits this site and runs amok. Jonathan Paige is one such individual.
    Please do not be confused by Benzo Buddies or this site or anything else. Please continue seeking professional care for your mental illness. I wish you the best.

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