Another stupid benzo site (the person who wrote this absurdity later resigned)

Here’s an idea of what the website will look like. Now that the content is organized, we need content haha! I’m going to list some subjects and I’d like for those capable to pick two to work on this week. What I need is roughly a couple of paragraphs about each subject. If it’s a table or chart nothing extra is needed. ______ _______ I know you probably have access to some files that already have a lot of this information fleshed out.

Also, if you have any references that back up the information you’re working on please include that as well. My vision is to provide the basic information on the ABC page. Then we can easily modify most of that for the medical professionals page, adding in references and citations for validity. ______ has the research we used for the awareness ads and I have a bunch from my What is Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome video.

______ __ _____ I would like ____ to do a page on why all benzos and their generics aren’t metabolized the same
Here is the list:
Benzos in the news (just a compilation of recent, relevantt news stories that have been posted in BALA)

List of benzos and z drugs generic and brand names

How benzos work – break down of what benzos do to your body

Equivancy chart, basically Ashton’s chart

Rapid taper/detox – what it is and why it’s detrimental for at least 20% of benzo patients

Summary of the Ashton manual)- highlight the important information people need to know

Conventional (Ashton) taper- what a 5-10% reduction every two to four weeks looks like, with cutting pills

Liquid titration- what it looks like using water

Using a compound

Tapering terminology- just a dictionary of benzo terms

List of symptoms, organized in some way

Thanks for your help. I’m so excited to get this up and running! I think it will be the main source for accurate benzo news and info.

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