Freaks seek superstar addicts to recruit to Church of Ashton

Famous benzo victims?
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It’s occurred to me that I’m not aware of any famous / celebrity victims of benzos. I think this is quite strange. Benzos were found in the toxicology reports of Whitney Houston, Prince and Michael Jackson.
Eminem is well known former Valium addict. But he clearly didn’t go through many months of withdrawal hell like most victims here. If he did, we’d know about it. Same for those mentioned above.
Stevie Nicks has spoken out about Xanax, but only in as much as she said it made her feel emotionally dead and sapped her creativity.

It makes me more sure that we’re in a very unfortunate minority of users who have such an appalling time withdrawing.
I suppose some benzo using celebrities might just avoid withdrawal by keeping on the pills, and they’ve certainly got the financial resources to do so…but how come no one is known for hitting tolerance WD?
The WD experience is so debilitating that they’d be unable to function as performers / actors/ politicians for a significant period of time…and surely anyone going through this hell would speak out?

One thought on “Freaks seek superstar addicts to recruit to Church of Ashton

  1. Why indeed…………

    Maybe those celebrities have too much going on in their lives to pretend to have bzd withdrawal or maybe they don’t attribute every single physical or psychological or emotional or imaginary symptom to it or maybe they’re not hypochondriacs or maybe it’s because none of those celebs have been brainwashed to believe in acute bzd protracted whatever it’s called or maybe it’s because they haven’t joined your weird little forum or maybe it’s because they listen to doctors instead of paranoid schizophrenics or maybe it’s because…………..

    Is that enough?

    Or shall we just blame MK Ultra and the C.I.A.?

    Good grief!

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