‘Benzo warrior’ censors YouTube comments about recent suicide

After I pointed out Bill would likely be alive if one of his so-called friends had called the authorities on him, Heather proceeded to give me a condescending lecture on hospitals, peppered with gems like the “majority of medical professionals do not know how to handle these situations” (how she arrived at that conclusion is anyone’s guess) (and what situations? suicidal people?).
If someone is suicidal they need professional help, from a doctor or psychiatrist, not from people who tell them not to go to the hospital (because they believe it will make things worse). That’s not right. Some would even call it criminal
RIP Bill.

11 thoughts on “‘Benzo warrior’ censors YouTube comments about recent suicide

  1. These Lyme disease warriors and anti benzos people are cut from the same cloth. They are very gullible and foolish people that close their mind to the the truth by making arrogant snap judgements about things. These false beliefs usually are embraced because they support a fragile ego that needs to be a blameless victim. It is hard for these folks to take a good hard honest look in the mirror. They create fantasy worlds in which they are all knowing heroes. How sad.

    Truth can only be discovered through open minded, brave, honest, humble, and thorough investigation.

  2. I REVOKE PERMISSION for you to use my NAME on your website Mike59/Cesspool. Not sure why you have a hard on for me but if you don’t take this down, I’ll take legal action.

  3. I’ve looked at a few of your posts. You seem really angry. Do you rely on psychiatric drugs? Is that why you attack people trying to cease brain damaging themselves?

    Nobody seems to be on this page, except your sad self. Seems you’re the one living in a fantasy world, a wannabe hero that is clearly the demented antagonist. A lonely, mean spirited, bully.

  4. Heather Solimine is a beacon to literally thousands of patients that used their medications as prescribed and wound up with a litany of disease. Why is this so hard to imagine? Because pharmaceutical companies are “all for the people” and not themselves? It may help to do a little deeper digging than just YouTube videos. There are countless clinical trials that have been done on Benzodiazepines. I understand that if you don’t suffer from this assault that you will never understand. But you could educate yourself before blowing off steam.

  5. Hi Heather Solimine,

    “I REVOKE PERMISSION for you to use my NAME on your website Mike59/Cesspool. Not sure why you have a hard on for me but if you don’t take this down, I’ll take legal action.”

    How’s your legal action going? Did you start another gofundme page to scam some more gullible christians out of some more money to pay for it?

  6. Many lives have been ruined (sometimes later ended) by trips to an e-r/detox for rx drugs,
    where commonly they don’t understand what the medical (neurological) condition is,
    and they often stop or cut meds that must be tapered very slowly to avoid brain injury
    that lasts for years or decades.
    People with such injury are far more likely to end it all, sooner or later.

  7. Benzos do cause damage they have been causing damage since the 1980s look up the
    Heather Ashton manual . Big pharmaceutical companies are killing millions of people they know the truth benzos cause. Big Pharma needs to tell the truth and stop thinking about $$$$ the truth always prevails over evil,

  8. Here in Europe, the non-English speaking part, there barely is a problem with benzos or getting off them. I lost an American friend to Benzo Buddies. He’s been micro tapering for eight years to get off 1 drug. The absurdity of it all is incredible. No scientific evidence whatsoever. And surprise, surprise; most of the ‘warriors’ (yes, I learnt the lingo well by now) are against the covid vaccine.

  9. Mary, what is there no scientific evidence of? If he was your friend, couldn’t you tell him it was all in his head? He had no issues until he read a message board? You’re belittling what happened to your friend.

  10. This same thing just happened again last week. Same people involved and everything. I’m finding it hard to bite my tongue but out of respect for the person lost and her family all I can say is that this is ridiculous and tragic and avoidable. Years long microtapering and going to homeopaths and laypeople on the internet is taking lives.

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