New drug guidelines send junkie into panic

Opiates & Benzos
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Went to my PCP today to get hydrocodone refilled (taking it for severe neck/back pain).

He told me the FDA is setting up new guidelines for prescribing opiates and benzos at the same time. I had been on clonazepam and recently tapered off, but he thought I was still on it, and told me to stop taking it because of the new guidelines. Of course, I told him I had tapered and was already off of it, but my thought was what if I hadn’t already been off of it I would have been c/t’d. He isn’t willing to prescribe both meds now, so he would have taken me off benzos (or opiates). If I were someone that was on a fairly high dose of benzos (or even not a high dose), I would have been cold turkeyed.

I certainly can’t go off the hydrocodone right now because of pain. I would have been screwed. That’s what’s so scary about benzos, opiates, or other addictive meds.

One thought on “New drug guidelines send junkie into panic

  1. To me it is concerning that people insist on taking dangerous drug cocktails that are potentially life threatening. Drug addiction is a powerful and destructive force. Taking benzos and narcotic pain relievers together is playing with deadly fire, and we all should know this by now unless your head is buried in the sand. These drugs should, if used wisely, be for acute cases and then discontinued. Not as effective and more dangerous when used as a long term or permanent life coping mechanisms. Sorry, they can only work so long before their efficacy is greatly diminished and any benefits are vastly overwhelmed by life destroying side effects.

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