Scientology-lover at Benzo Buddies calls doctors fuckers, threatens to bring them down

I wish we could bring these f*ckers down
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Disclaimer: I am sorry, this thread won’t be very positive.

I am almost at the end of my taper and I am getting angrier at, especially my ‘doctors/psychiatrists’ (but also on my pharmacy and the manufacturer) by the day. They took at least 10 years of my life and there is nothing we can do nor do I feel that they can do anything to repair this.

However, when I do feel better and have more energy I will definitely try to sue all of them. They should have told me about the potential of addiction and what it can do long-term. Also, when I started this all this stuff wasn’t mentioned in the leaflet. Also, I don’t understand why my pharmacy didn’t warn me, they should never have given me dosages for such long periods.

I do have the problem however that most-likely it has been too long ago that the first psychiatrist gave me this benzo and secondly that I’m located in The Netherlands where my chances of receiving more then a miserable €1000 for this would be close to none. I don’t care too much about money, but I couldn’t finish my college study because of this.

I want to sue these f*ckers even if my chances of winning are close to none and even if this is very negative, I want to let them know what they have done.

2 thoughts on “Scientology-lover at Benzo Buddies calls doctors fuckers, threatens to bring them down

  1. If you’re reading this…..

    It’ll probably just be easier, and cheaper, to accept reality and get on with your life as apposed to blaming people who were not responsible and throwing more time and money down the drain.

    Only a patent moron takes medication for that long without thinking to research what they’re taking, and only an intellectually-dishonest moron believes that taking any drug will have zero side effects. Hint, they all do.

    Sorry to burst your angry little bubble, dear, but you’re doing something called deflecting and shifting the burden of responsibility.

    You’re just as responsible here. What did YOU do about it?

    That’s right, kept swallowing pills instead of dealing with the reason for needing them. If what you’re saying is the truth, you chose to blindly follow.

    Ps either you really are thick, or you’re a scientology shill trying to stir up yet more psych-drug hysteria. Looks to me like the latter.

  2. Pps you can’t say dirty words on the forum because you might send one of the frustrated, obese, socially-acceptable drug addicts into a wave just from seeing the F word. ???

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