Benzo Buddies freak asks kooks for permission to go to the hospital after hitting head

Accidently hit my head really hard :(
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OK this is kind of an odd post, but i just hit my head really hard. Should i be concerned?

My head feels tingly and somewhat numb. It also feels like Ive got a bit of head pressure atm. I would say these are just withdrawal side effects, but the symptoms only appeared after I hit my head…

Anyway I’m really worried about it. I was about to go to bed because it’s 8am and I’m tired from staying up all night. I’m scared to go to sleep now…

I don’t want to be over dramatic and go to a hospital. But what should I watch out for? I don’t want to go to bed if my brain is bleeding or have a mild concussion. May fall asleep though since I’m so tired.
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