“Fuck this, where am I?”

I give up, starting an AD
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I’ve done as much as I can with this “recovery” but it’s become apparent, I need some kind of kick. I wanted to be off of all psych meds, but I just can’t seem to tip myself over the hump. I’m just at 9.5 months off and even though I’ve seen a lot of improvements in many areas, the one I still struggle with is depression. It’s not even what I call severe depression. I can get up in the morning, I can leave the house, I can do stuff, but I have no vitality, my life is flat.

Worse still is this circular OCD-like thinking. The same negative thoughts keep popping into my head. I was warned a few weeks ago about my job performance, and I haven’t been able to think about anything else since then. I feel like my life is crumbling. I almost want it to crumble because then I could stop fighting and just give up.

I’ve come to realize that, whatever happens, I have to be mentally and emotionally fit enough to handle life. I have dreams and desires I want to achieve, but I don’t feel like I can in my current state. I have no confidence, no self esteem. It’s not so much saddening as it is maddening. I’m like “fuck this, where am I?”

My doctor prescribed my Paxil to take at night, with the hope that it will not only help me sleep more soundly, but maybe help with the morning awfulness that typically grips me. She also gave me script for Celexa, but I chose to fill the Paxil because it’s supposed to help with the above-mentioned OCD-like thinking.

My logic is pretty simple. I’m not breaking out of this the way I’d hoped. I need something, some kind of push, hopefully just enough to get me to a better place, to stabilize me and see things differently. Strangely enough, I haven’t given up on life. I still think I can sort things out, but I obviously can’t continue feeling like half a person.

Re: I give up, starting an AD
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have you tried st johns wort. seems to be as effective and less side effects. I take it, it seems to help

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  1. This poor soul is unlikely to make it. The symptoms they described are almost universal for those recovering from a benzo addiction. In few months, they would very likely have lessened or even disappeared. But, they chose the drug based solution, which will not allow complete recovery. Oh well, what else is new? The very definition of insanity, if one pill harms you, try another pill, and another, ad infinitum. These drug makers have the chemistry of the brain all figured out………..ya, right!

  2. He’s probably long passed any sorta withdraw symptoms. His anxiety and depression have returned with a vengeance. Benzo withdrawal symptoms mirror extreme anxiety and fatigue almost exactly. Go to any anxiety forum on the web medicated and unmedicated people have the same issues. Can’t sleep, tired all time, losing my mind, can’t take it anymore, it’s been 18 months. etc. I’m not saying withdrawal symptoms aren’t real, I’ve been through it but this guy isn’t withdrawing 9 months out. No way. He’s having massive anxiety.

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