Benzo Buddies members tired of horseshit about healing

Facing the unfortunate fact: for some of us, it's permanent
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Title says it all.

I’ve seen enough two, three, five year even 10 year off posts to know that there seems to be a set of preconditions which disposes some of us to permanent brain damage. Not sure what those are and of course the science isn’t there yet to tease this all apart. It’s an unfortunate truth.

11 months off, complete brain damage feeling in my head. Can’t think complex things anymore.

I’m puzzled just looking at this now?

Re: Facing the unfortunate fact: for some of us, it's permanent
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And please…

No “we all heal in time” here… I can’t take this horseshit line of patter any longer.

This is for people trying to cope with the reality of our situation and where we go and what on Earth we do from here

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  1. Time for a basic lesson in cult propaganda/illogic:

    “we all heal in time”..

    1) The cult programs members with a belief and an assumption that there is damage to be “healed” from, when none, if any, have had an MRI showing any neurological damage. Withdrawal symptoms are routinely labelled as damage that needs to be “healed” from, when the reality is that most of the members were damaged psychoemotionally long before using benzos, and it’s that underlying cause that needs to be “healed”. Blaming benzos enables avoiding personal responsibility for their lifestyles that promoted their ill-health to begin with.

    2) Given the indisputable fact that environmental factors are known to affect psychoemotional health, it’s far more likely that continually reinforcing beliefs about damage will, in fact, be a significant contributor to the negative placebo-effect that occurs even in blind-testing with sugar pills.

    Conclusion: being a long-term member of the benzobuddies cult = the main source of external stressors that are leading to perpetual anxiety, fear, insomnia, and hormonal imbalances that are identical to benzo withdrawal.

    And this, that cult dogma, is what I’ve watched close friends become brainwashed by. They’d rather remain in the cult, even if it means alienating unique friends in their life.

    It’s heartbreaking.

  2. These people are simply in denial about being mentally ill. Any anxiety or depression forum on the web will have people with the same mindset. There’s some “thing” attacking their sanity and body. If they just shut their computer off and went out into the world they’d improve. it wouldn’t happen overnight but they would heal over time. As you say it’s a lot easier to blame a pill or disease than face the fact they have a chronic mental condition that likely requires daily treatment. Its much easier to say “my brain is ruined and its my doctors fault.” instead of exercising,eating right, getting a job a doing some therapy.

  3. Unbelievable! So my benzo dependence had a psychiatric cause although merely prescribed for muscle pain after a long trek in the Himalayas. I find this rather odd that now I suffer severe anxiety and many symptoms I’ve never experienced before in my life. As I’m also totally incapacitated at present how do I go out into the world? Something I would dearly love to be able to do. What credentials do you have for saying that benzo sufferers are psychiatric cases? Thank You

  4. I know nothing of benzo buddies and how it destroys lives, I am referring to the comments made by the above Mike which I am assuming are about psychiatric drugs especially benzos. I certainly have never had any psychiatric problems and am angry that my use of a benzodiazepine for chronic muscle pain has led to severe problems leaving me disabled and unable to function normally. Benzodiazepine drugs are dangerous and they should be banned. Who are these addicts? I was never an addict and was given the drug for a few days by a specialist before I had a paradoxical allergic reaction which took my active life away. Sorry I’m upset.

  5. Gotcha, I’m following now.

    If I can offer this input, Pete, this blog and its contributors are focusing on the benzobuddies forum (online cult) that’s plagued with special-interest groups, scientologists, hypochondriacs and professional victims that sincerely cause harms, including a multitude of suicides. So, when you see comments about benzo users you can be almost certain that it’s about the established fakers at benzobuddies and similar online groups, not benzo users in general.

    I can understand your anger, and yes, on rare occasions benzodiazepines (like any drug) can cause very bad side-effects for a small minority of patients, but like literally any drug, the benefits to the vast majority outweigh the risks. General Anesthetic kills many people every day but, as I’m sure you can appreciate, without it infinitely more people would die. They have to make judgement-calls and inevitably, there’s risks.

    No drug ever developed is 100% safe, and benzos save so many lives that banning them will only lead to countless deaths and problems in society.

    I am sincerely sorry that you’ve drawn the short straw, Pete, honestly I am, for I’ve also drawn my own straw with different drugs, but this blog isn’t setting out to attack bonafide victims of the downside to pharmaceuticals.

    For the large part it’s tongue-in-cheek, but it does seem to be one of the few online venues where an alternative to the narrative of victimhood, doctor-bashing and, literally, people making excuses to stay sick and perpetuate mental illness, is present.

    I don’t know the creator personally, but over time I’ve learned that his aim isn’t to antagonise genuine sufferers of the negatives to pharmaceuticals, but rather help them avoid cult-thinking.

    I hope you find your way back to health, Pete.


  6. Jake, you have written a very nice response to Pete.
    I am afraid I am not really buying into Petes story. It just seems highly unlikely to be truthful. I am calling bullshit on this one. I have seen countless kooks claiming that benzos are solely to blame for their problems, but after a few days use for muscle soreness after a long trek in the Himalayas? No way! Lol ? Nice try Pete, me boy?

  7. 2009, flew from Delhi to Kathmandu. Wanted to trek to Everest base camp but sadly started suffering bad pain and had to rest at Namche Bazaar before returning and seeing consultant at UCLH London. Believe what you like but very strange you find this funny. Ten days to be exact. Don’t be fooled by these drugs, some have bad reactions. Thanks Jake for your understanding.

  8. Where have I said anything about Benzo sufferers? Why am I being attacked? I thought this site was about benzodiazepines but seems I was wrong and all I did was tell my story. I have a great doctor who has supported me now for several years. This truly is madness.

  9. Pete, imho, some people can and do have adverse reactions to various drugs including benzos. But “damage” that can persist over many months or even years from a few days use and taken as prescribed? No way! This sort of claim has no legitimate evidence of being real. Sorry, your issues have other sources of origin. Best of luck as it will take an open and honest mind to determine them. I am not very confident you will as it seems your mind has some how already been closed. May I ask who you have learned about benzos from? I feel you are on the wrong track.

  10. White knight. Go take benzos for a couple weeks. Pete has no reason to bullshit. Seriously. Your not convinced? Take the drug beyond a couple weeks. You think it’s not real? Then you take the pills or seriously stfu. When you are in benzo hell you’ll wonder just how fucking ignorant you were before being plunged into misery. It’s hard to believe. Until you are in it. Living it. Every day. For months. You don’t have to believe. Take the drug. For too long. And you will lol. Oh my god you will believe. With every fiber of your miserable being. And the worst part. No one will believe you. Except haha those who have been there or who are still there writhing in agony. You’ll feel real small. Your ego will be destroyed along with any other belief you once had. Ugggh. You’re not even worth my breath. Take some benzos you pussy then we can watch you squirm. Your like the loud mouth that says ” oh that looks easy i could do that” that trys it and gets his ass floored. You’ll cry about it then wonder why people would make this shit up. When they are in pain? Why would you make that up. I wish it was made up shit. And I probably would think it was if I hadn’t become a victim. You. Are an asshat. Pete came looking for help. Not a witch burning. Pick the story apart. But when it becomes your story. You’ll shut your mouth.

  11. Pete, the way you’re lashing out at me for my comment is all the proof I need that you have issues. And when I talk about people with mental issues I say that as someone that has them. Anxiety and depression are no joke but if you think any medication causes 2 and 3 year withdrawals you’re crazy. I did what many do at benzo buddies and other forums of its ilk do. Blamed the benzos, blamed my diet, blamed god you name it. You will not get better until you accept you have a condition and stop blaming external factors. I’m also tired of seeing bullshit stories about how Benzo’s are “worse than heroin” yet my community is plagued with bodies of people dying from opiate use and not one god damn person has died form Benzo use.

  12. Benzo, you are crazy bro! Not to get into a pissing match, but I took the shit, benzos, for over a decade. I had a tuff WD, but I got through it. Taking personal responsibility for my problems was a prerequisite to my recovery.

    BW does not last for years. People who tell you it does are in a state of delusion. Run away from them as they are not sane, and can gravely mislead you. Sometimes the harm can prove fatal. Can you understand? If not, you chances are less than good. Sorry, but your survival may depend on your ability to extricate yourself from the cult. I thank God I did.

  13. If “Benzo” isn’t a typical “benzobuddy” reeling off the precise benzobuddies rhetoric that keeps them stuck there for years, then I don’t know what is!

    It’s worth noting that 98% of people that have taken benzos would have to describe a different experience because.. REALITY.

  14. By the way, Benzobuddy, I hadn’t noticed it before but I think this thing you said may have been a Freudian slip:

    “And I probably would think it was if I hadn’t become a victim”.

    Hmm. Yeah, do you know what it’s like to be dependent on 52 different substances spanning 30yrs, and the during the last 2yrs quit taking the ladt 13 of them all at once, including 4 different benzos?

    THAT is something you should try, if you really believe what you’re saying. I just didn’t have the mindset of “victim”, even after 18months on benzobuddies. I am living proof that addiction is mostly in the mindset of the addict.

    Your question, too, about why would people lie? It’s known in the Medical fields as “malingering”. Look it up, you’ll see that there are countless people lying about sickness all the time. They all like playing victims, too.

    You’ll find at benzobuddies a significant number of people who don’t want to work.. want their husbands to keep looking after the kids and paying for their “therapies”.. countless activists that want to bring down the Pharmaceutical industry and, literally, murder doctors.. Narcissists that want constant drama and attention.. emotional manipulators.. hypochondriacs..

    You get the point, right? People at benzobuddies will find it all too easy to INSIST that benzos ruined their lives. Until, of course, they quit, and then start “developing” autoimmune disorders such as mold toxicity and Lyme disease that, coincidentally, offer the same exact symptoms as benzo withdrawal, only to cry “it wasn’t the benzos after all”!!!

    Don’t forget the Placebo effect. It works for all the negative symptoms too, and there’s no shortage of whiny little pussies at benzobuddies, all plying their hypochondria like it’s going out of fashion.

    It’s literally infectious like a virus!

  15. I am a victim of all the benzo withdrawal sites. I almost commited suicide and am currently suicidal just from reading about being in protracted withdrawal. I’m suffering from psychosomatic symptoms due to reading all this crap. I went from having a full time job to suicidal in the span of a month due to being on these sites and witnessing countless number of suicides on a Facebook forum about benzo withdrawal. Please can someone tell me how to reverse the brainwashing that’s been done so I can live a normal life again. Benzo forums ruined my life.

  16. Hey Vita.

    Everyone will need different deconditioning plans dependent on our individual circumstances but, yes, deprograming oneself is something you’re already doing by breaking free and thinking for yourself. In my opinion that’s the most helpful thing we can do for ourselves. Next, refocus all the energy that you were spending on forums reading about suicides, misery, other people’s depression and hypochondria and instead use it on getting yourself better again (maybe spend that tie pampering yourself, or doing something you like to do). You, me, none of us can really can’t carry the weight of the world and sometimes we have to be selfish in order to be able to help others later on in life.

    I believe that if we can be conditioned to adopt groupthink and essentially accept negative placebo-effect symptoms, then it’s just as possible to undo that by consciously choosing to reverse the way we think about how these medications (and the power of positive placbo) affect us. So, it’s a sort of reverse engineering project for our minds. I don’t believe it’s possible to undo all that conditioning overnight, though.

    Something I’ve seen SO many times is people believing pseudoscience over actual science. If we’re to believe the sorts of claims we’ll see in the ‘benzo community’ then we’ve already handed over our critical thinking at the door (even though in reality there is no such thing as the ‘benzo community’ because benzo users are not a homogenous group – and what they really mean by ‘benzo community’ is a ‘conspiracy theorist community’ promulgated by anti mediction / anti psychiatry front groups such as CCHR).

    As radical as it may first appear to those within such groups, and to those of us that have recently broken free, we can start once again to listen to our medical professionals and take our meds exactly as prescribed.

    These fandangled microtapers and other new-age methods of tapering can be scientifically shown to be the very things that cause a lot of the negative withdrawal symptoms. Professor Ashton (touted as THE expert on benzo withdrawal) herself states that once we’ve tapered below the threshold dose of a benzo then it’s mostly psychological).

    After ‘benzo community’ conditioning it’s often pretty hard to believe that there’s a doctor or pharmacist left in the world who knows what they’re talking about (ironically they even ignore Ashton most of the time). The reality is that most do, and they’re bound by certain ethical principals that you and I wouldn’t be.

    Perhaps give it time to adjust back to a normal way of looking at this matter? Your life isn’t permanently ruined (believing it is could very well be a side-effect of benzo forums continually reinforcing the idea of “healing” and “iatrogenic damage” and “lifelong symptoms”), but if you’re anything like I was when I broke free then it’ll take a little while to unwind from the madness of it all and remember who you are without their influence.

    I truly believe that the most productive route to freedom from medications is to consult with an *experienced* pharmacist (not one in their early 20’s), then a GP, in that order. They don’t know everything and they’re not always the best in the world, but they are accountable and they are objective in their thinking, and they don’t tell us what we want to hear.

    Overall, if I had to pick the single most important factor in any cessation plan, it’d be to follow a qualified pharmacy and then a mecical professional’s advice. Why? Because pound-for-pound they understand our full medical history and other indications (people on forums do not), and they’re also not invested in us *politically* whereas the activists that have infiltrated & taken over the ‘benzo community’ demonstrably are politicaly motivated.

    I don’t know you, but I do believe you’re already on the right track, even if it doesn’t really feel convincingly like it right now. I really hope you do what YOU feel is right, Vita. I’m just offering my thoughts, but I have no way of knowing if they’ll resonate with you or not as I don’t know your medical history. I hope a few things I’ve said are relative to you, too.

    Call me crazy, but I believe you’re the best person to know yourself and the best person to decide how to find a little corner of life that you can be relatively happy in again.

    J 🙂

  17. Thanks so much. This is a hard journey as the more symptoms I read about the more symptoms my mind created. It’s hard to reverse the placebo effect for someone who is so negative. I not only just read about the suicides, I believe I was being encouraged to commit suicide. I believe some of the Facebook benzo groups are actually suicide cults. I also had a consultation with Baylissa and she continued to say the words ‘stay alive’ you will heal but you just need to stay alive and keep breathing. I cannot tell you how damaging those words were. She also told me about all the people in benzo withdrawal who committed suicide. Why would you tell someone who is already so vulnerable that? This is a suicide cult
    One month ago I was a happy, life loving person. My life is destroyed. I am trying to get reprogrammed and it is hard. But thank you for this site.i would really appreciate if you sent me more info or stayed connected. Thank you. Not sure how to undo the psychosomatic symptoms.

  18. I want to start benzos again for my severe fear and anxiety. But I’m programmed by the kindling effect and also feel I’ll cause further brain damage. I know it’s all horsecrap but hard to tell myself that. I’ve been on benzos before and come off just fine. But they told me I’m kindled. I don’t know anymore. Hard to know what the truth is. I’m just going to go back on meds and live my life. I know I came off benzos before with zero symptoms.

  19. The thought of being in withdrawal for 10 years makes me suicidal and makes me think they people saying they are in withdrawal for 10 years are part of a cult trying to get people to commit suicide. I strongly believe this.

  20. Jake sorry to keep bothering you but I do believe you can help save me from this crap, along with my doctor, so I appreciate your advice. Can you please tell me how you feel the benzo communities benefit politically from having influence over us?

    I’ll stop messaging now. I am very traumatized by this whole experience.

  21. Hi again Vita,

    Firstly you’re not bothering me in the slightest. I’m glad you’re looking at options to look after yourself.

    I wanted to ask you something, though, because for all my experience with this issue I’m still just me, and not you, and that means I’m the least qualified out of the two of us to talk about you:

    What does *your* gut feeling tell you about the best way forward to rebuild your life? You’re the single best person in existence to comment on it.

    I’m just about to travel back home so I’ll get back on again later on with my thoughts on the cult mentality of benzo fora, but for now have a listen to your inner voice. I think it’s always good advice to remind people that our gut is pretty accurate, and to encourage people to believe in it again.

    What do you think?

  22. I just don’t know why they would have us become suicidal. I’m not even talking about benzo buddies. Atleast they hide talks of suicide. There’s a recovery page on Facebook that literally people are talking about suicide every 5 minutes due to benzo withdrawal. I was helping people for a bit until I became suicidal from the thought of having to wait years to heal. Then realized there’s no one who would be able to wait years to heal and that’s when I honestly think they are wanting us to commit suicide and take our Facebook pictures. I know mine got stolen. I’m just trying to find out the political reason for wanting us to commit suicide but I’m starting to understand it’s all to promote their antipsychiatry front. I think my symptoms are from depression not withdrawal. But I also know there’s a lot of suicides from akathisia and akathisia is a withdrawal symptom. That one kind of confuses me. I guess that could be psychosomatic too. Once you’ve read and looked at others with it long enough, it can become permanent through the power of the mind. Very scary stuff. For me I need to return to work and hope to pretend this stuff never happened. Not easy when I’m still getting symptoms but I try to tell myself it’s all anxiety and depression symptoms.

  23. I agree it is cultlike but until you’ve had akathisia you cant possibly fathom what is happening in the nervous system. it is NOT mental illness. my neurologist confirmed it.

  24. I was lucky I didn’t commit suicide. My life was ruined and I was so deeply entrenched in the online benzo community. I was told by various people and sites like the Withdrawal Connect Inner Compass that the 24/7 intrusive thoughts that I was experiencing after I tapered myself off Klonopin (without any adjunct meds and without my prescriber knowing) were normal and would “heal”. I’m actually glad I’m a way that I developed such severe symptoms that made me surrender to whatever help was available. If my ocd that I developed (and was told would go away as it wasn’t present before withdrawal which I now know to just be straight up false) hadn’t gotten so intense I may still be plugged into the online benzo community waiting for some magical “healing” date. It took so much therapy for me to heal not just from the trauma of going through Klonopin wd at home but all of the false beliefs that I had come to believe due to this…cult. I believed I wasn’t an “addict” but a doctor prescribed case of tolerance. As if that matters! Is someone who is prescribed pain killers for back pain who becomes an opiate addict not an addict as well? Should someone with bi polar or schizophrenia be scared from taking the medication that allows them to live a happy and fulfilling life? OCD is no different. It’s so sad how many lives have been lost to this mess.

  25. Vita I don’t know if you’re still around reading this but I would love to talk with you.

  26. Vita I don’t know if you’re still around reading this but I would love to talk with you. I hope you’re ok. I relate to a lot of what you’re saying. It does get a lot better with the proper medication and therapy and support.

  27. Oh please Dark Knight, you are so fked in your head. I do believe that bb and other online groups can help at first when you feel so out of your mind from benzos, but then you must leave when you realize that it’s the pill and not yourself. If you stay, you will see so many stories, and become paranoid. You obviously have never gone through this, but I have and I’m off of them. This shit is real for the unlucky ones. All I can say is that I do believe that just about everyone can get off of it and find that everything in life is much brighter than before! I’m the realist when it comes to benzodiazepines. I’m not going to sit here and lie and say this doesn’t happen, when it does. The feeling of being disconnected is real! I won’t go on with the true side effects. Some of the stories I read are so crazy that I feel bad that nobody tells them that it’s not true. They believe they will be this way forever and I’ve known too many who indeed have taken their lives. When that happens, it’s like a domino affect. Everyone feels hopeless. It should be a community where you can uplift and give them an anchor, but it’s become a cesspool of madness. So White Knight, I really don’t believe you understand the truth of how fked up these pills can be for certain individuals.

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