Benzo Buddies pushes another member over the edge

Still stuck on not believing.
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This is just stupid. I’m stuck on looping that this isn’t benzos but something permanent like BPD. I have huge ruminations over how everything is useless and how I should just kill myself because I don’t wanna be what I’ve become. I don’t have psyical sxs, only that mental torture chamber. I can’t trust anything anymore, not even myself. This past week has been terrible. Only thing that helps me is ranting and whining about my life to everyone and even that is only temporary. How to trust? How am I seriously supposed to believe that this will pass? I need some proof of the fact that this is withdrawal and nothing more. The dysphoria, anhedonia, depression and anxiety are just too much to handle. I don’t wanna die, I just don’t wanna live either.

5 thoughts on “Benzo Buddies pushes another member over the edge

  1. Rational and sensible answer:

    “Go to a qualified psychotherapist and work through some structured counselling to learn new coping skills and search for the root-cause of the depression. Get more exercise, eat a different diet and avoid ingesting chemicals and spending too much time around negative people.”

    Benzobuddies answer:

    “It’s just the benzos talking. Slow down your taper, ingest lots of synthetic vitamins and untested supplements and spend every minute possible online being weighed down with random stranger’s narcissistic problems.”

    One of those options could salvage one’s mental health, and the other will almost certainly damage it further.

  2. Jake, nice job summing it up clearly. It makes too much sense for the loony tones at benzo buddies to ever grasp it.

  3. Thanks, WK. ?

    Of course, you’re right; trying to be heard over the echoing sound of a hundred conspiracy theorists that are validating each other into oblivion is akin to pouring gasoline on a fire hoping to put it out. Getting one of them on their own MIGHT work as they’ll not be swamped by others wanting to retain the delusion, but while they’re surrounded by the crazies? Nah.

    That’s really why I see no mileage in saying any of this at benzobuddies, even if they’d allow me another account there, because I’ll just be shouted down by frustrated old hags with hormonal & psychiatric problems!

    If one can’t even get them to accept that scales from amazon can’t possibly be accurate at microgram weights, rendering microtapering with them fundamentally useless (because “muh but it works accurately for me”) then what hope is there to directly interact there and get anywhere?


  4. Hi Mike,
    I see you are still up to your old tricks. What motivates you to keep this hate blog going after all these years?

  5. Could it be to highlight the massive level of harm that’s caused by the benzobuddies forum?

    It’s easy to label it a “hate blog”, isn’t it, but a lot harder to be honest about the lives being destroyed at benzobuddies?

    What motivates you to keep the blinkers on and “hate” this blog?

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