7 thoughts on “Tapering with milk

  1. Too much fuckin around. Cut cut the pills and shut the help up about it! No one wants to obsess about this shit like an addict would, now would they?

  2. All I can say is you better pray to God you never have to suffer through the torture of acute benzodiapine withdrawal syndrome. This medication was given to me by my doctor, and taken as prescribed. Yea cut the pill. Thats hilarious. Ever here of glutamate neuroexcitability damage, down regulated gaba receptors? From the poison that doctors are not supposed to prescribe for longer than 8 weeks at a time, but big pharma has control over these white coats. All I can say is dude, do some research and study what this poison does to your brain. Unknowingly to unsuspecting patients. Go to the benzo aware coalition site where currently a board advisor there who is a cardiologist going through a taper now and admits they were taught NOTHING about benzos in med school. You got some bad karma coming to you for this site. Would you be making fun of people with cancer that was not recognized as an illness. Benzos are prescribed for restless leg syndrome for God’s sake. These pills are prescribed like m&ms for all kinds of reasons, to people of all ages and all types of people. Not junkies. There is NOTHING at the present time to help people in this type of hell to upregulate gaba receptors except time. They sure got some medications our there for heroin addicts. All I can say is I don’t know what your point is with this site. But maybe watch the video of the lady with akthesia so severely caused from coming off this poison too quickly and she jumped off a bridge. Bad karma for you man.

  3. Michele, are you really this naive? What makes you think people who post here have not suffered acute WD? I am one the unfortunate few who had a hard time discontinuing my doctor prescribed benzo for physical issues, my problem and my responsibility. Not a doctor or big pharmas fault. Blaming or hating others for my problem would have only served to prevent my full recovery. Is some cases, engaging in benzo cult think, embracing victim hood, and blaming others for our problems, can prove fatal. Check it out with an open mind and you might just figure this out.

  4. PS Michele please stick to the subject here. Do you really think dual milk titration is a desirable and or necessary for safe discontinuation or benzos? Even after a few day use as prescribed? I hope you can see the lunacy in this as I am trying to point out.

  5. “All I can say is you better pray to God you never have to suffer through the torture of acute benzodiapine withdrawal syndrome.”

    We’ve all been there with benzos, and a long list of other chemicals, and we’ve all lost good friends to benzobuddies.

    I hope you can escape their mind-control over you, Michelle. I know from experience that it’s not easy to deprogram from online “peer-support” groups!

  6. Like white knight said don’t fuck around with milk or water 10% crap, You’ll be on drugs for another year before you’re clean. My doctor(you know the people you pay to keep you alive) laid it out and I was done in about a month. granted I wasn’t on a high amount but according to benzo sites I should’ve suffered for a year after quitting. Besides some vertigo and upped anxiety I was good.

  7. Mike, how long have you been off? What benzo were you on? How long and what dose? Any lingering sx’s?

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