One thought on “Two months later and the kooks only have 665 miserable signatures on their ridiculous petition

  1. When I see these petitions about how “the medical community is in denial”, I can’t help but question whether the signees realise that over 95% of benzo prescriptions don’t come with problems, las touted within their online communities, but mostly I wonder do they realise how they’re trying to attack a system that has to consider the needs of the majority?

    No drug is perfect and never will be. That’s just not how pharmaceutical medications work.

    In that regard, the medical community is catering for as many people as they can, just as they should.

    I simply cannot understand how someone blindly takes a medication for decades without once questioning why they keep taking it or why they don’t look for alternatives.

    It’s classic blame-shifting, and taken with a view that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, it’s also pretty insulated and selfish.

    Pharmaceutical companies and the medical community aren’t conspiring to keep people sick for profit, and there’s no sense in catering to the hyperbolic theories of a tiny percentage at the expense of the majority who benefit from this class of drug.

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