Four years later, cult still panicked over Matt Samet’s relapse

“So perhaps you’re wondering, once a year, or two, or three go by off benzos or antidepressants or antipsychotics or whatever chemicals have been foisted on you, will you still have to be vigilant or can you dive fully back into your ‘old life’ again? Can you pound coffee or smoke weed or drink socially, or have a stressful job or commute, or eat foods with lots of MSG and not blow out, not have a setback? Can you overextend yourself physically or mentally or emotionally without incurring ‘the wrath’?” – Matt Same

“I only passingly flirted with psych meds myself but I did a fair and regular share of weed, coffee, alcohol, psychedelics, and the occasional benzo, opiate, and even friends’ neuroleptics (to help me sleep off binges) for several years.” – Matthew Cohen

Re: How is it possible Matt Samet had a setback???
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Quote from: [Buddie] on December 02, 2013, 01:15:38 pm
I have a guess. A guess is all it is, so please don’t jump on me. It is possible that his relapse was not what he says it was. He might have an underlying condition that led to his initial benzo use, and has now reared its ugly head again.

He would have us believe that his healed nervous system was so fragile that seven years of abuse crashed it again. That’s a possibility, but I can think of other things that might also explain it.

Obviously I don’t know. But why should we all get freaked out and worried that we will never truly recover 100% and will always have this hanging over our heads if we drink too much coffee? As long as it’s possible that his problem was not simply a return to withdrawal seven years later, why should we worry about it?

I don’t think Matt Samet did the benzo community any favors by scaring the hell out of us. As long as there are other possibilities, I choose to ignore Matt Samet’s claim that we never really recover from benzo use. On average, I’m sure we are not all like Matt Samet.

Matt Samett has written about smoking marijuana and this is a HUGE no no when it comes to the post benzo brain. Marijuana is like taking a sledge hammer to your brain’s GABA receptors. The caffeine probably didn’t do him any favors, but caffiene wont reset you back to square one benzo withdrawal. Alcohol and pot however will launch u back into benzo withdrawal.

As for Matt’s claim that we never fully recover…he’s eight. We heal and gain back the ability to live our lives but the regenerated GABA receptors are fragile and genetically different than the original ones we were born with. One smack to these fragile receptors and ur right back in hell

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  1. “Alcohol and pot however will launch u back into benzo withdrawal”.

    Err. No. Nothing other than taking more benzodiazepines for an extended period and quitting again will trigger another benzodiapine withdrawal.

    Once one drug withdrawal is done with it can’t be reinvigorated by taking a different drug, even IF it’s utilising similar neurons as benzos.

    They seem to believe that it’s a latent issue that goes away temporarily and then, BAM, it comes back from having a joint and an espresso several years later!

    That’s nonsense, like the rest of the fear-mongering assertions that are passed-off as facts at benzobuddies.

    I feel sorry for people that are so self-victimised by bullshit rhetoric.

    There’s no such thing as the “benzo community”. There is only the “online hypochondriacs community”.

  2. I’m confused as to the point of this website. Is it just that you hate this particular group? Especially if they are such a small group that they can’t get a petition signed, wouldn’t it be easier for you to just ignore them and live your life?

  3. Hi Lea

    People have been and are being seriously harmed as a direct result of the cult that benzobuddies (and the self-titled “benzo community) has become.

    It’s hurting people. It needs a counter-voice.

  4. Jake, I think these buddies confuse feeling anxious after smoking a a joint and drinking a cup of coffee with benzo WD. You make a good point.
    Some may disagree, but long term use of benzos, alcohol, and other CNS depressants can make some people more prone to negative side effects from other drugs, like pot or stimulants, causing anxiety, etc.
    Lea, I am so bored with the same old benzo buddies attacks. Can’t you folks come up with something more interesting to discuss? Seeing as your lives are at stake, open minded consideration of the premise of this site might be a good place to start.

  5. I agree, WK. Brains have limited reserves for processing agonists before they finally sensitize to other drugs with similar modes of action. It’s like any other organ in that regard.

    It seems unlikely that your average benzobuddy would be interested in the reality, though, not when there’s an almost mandatory cult narrative to follow instead!

    It’s far more like a *peer-pressure model* than a peer-support model.

    There really isn’t much in the way of education there, mostly just indoctrination.

  6. You boys must be seriously freaked by all this benzo talk, to say that you have nothing better to do than take the piss out of people who are going through hell on benzo withdrawal.

    You really ought to research this properly in a hands-in way, by having a nice daily feed of, say, 30mg Vallium for a few years and then come back and let us all know how you’re doing when you try to quit.

    Fair is fair.

  7. Alex, we’ve all been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and worse.

    That alone renders your entire post as yet another meaningless attack-ad-ignorantium.

    Take a look at yourself, first, you’re projecting your cult dogma onto us, under the usual dogmatic beliefs that *they* have brainwashed you with.

  8. Alex, I know life is tuff, but to embrace hatred the way you have is about as sad as it gets. The cult is not doing you any favors if this is how you are thinking. Do a little research before you blurt things out. You might appear less foolish. Wishing harm upon your fellow man is about as low as one can get.

  9. Matt Samet himself has written that he did far more meds than benzos: “Over the years, I’ve shredded body and mind with poisons and palliatives, and sweated out the mess: benzos, booze, marijuana, muscle relaxants, opiates, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti­psychotics…” Yet it’s all blamed on benzos.

  10. The militant crowd never seems willing to consider confounding information or explanations. If it’s post, it must be propter. Makes it hard to get reliable information or have an intelligent discussion.

  11. Sx can NEVER be a return to an underlying condition (God forbid you offer that one), or the result of another drug(s), or the emergence of something new, or from the nocebo effect of fear.

  12. Sham on you M59 for all the lies posted on this site. Benzobuddies helped me to kick the most addictive drugs known to mankind. M-59, please stop the lies and shutdown this hate blog. Regular posters like Jake and White Knight are nothing but M59 brown nosers IMO.

  13. That’s original (sqrcasm). I speak for myself and so does M59. I’m well acquainted with the benzobuddies culture, far more so than you, that’s for sure. Go look at the posts (and forum-documentation) from Benzoid. That’s me before I came to my senses.

    Fortunately I escaped the cult. Unfortunately you haven’t, which is why you’re here regurgitating the benzobuddies rhetoric about this being a “hate blog”.

    Nobody has died or had their lives torn apart as a result of this “hate blog”. We can’t say the same about your beloved benzobuddies.

    Think about that fact for a moment, eh? That’s what you’re defending.

  14. By the way, Carly, benzodiazepines are most certainly NOT “the most addictive drugs known to Mankind” (Google Crack Cocaine and Methamphetamine, and indeed Nicotine for education).

    THAT emotional plea is a blatant lie, and it’s also a cult narrative that only cult members promote. Literally NO pharmacologist (experts in drugs), doctor, addiction specialist (experts in drugs) or anyone that’s taken the far more addictive drugs and benzos (first-hand experts in drug addiction) would ever promote such an absurd and provably false claim. Even Professor Ashton wouldn’t ever make such a ridiculous claim.

    Why do you think that you do? My dear, benzobuddies has brainwashed you to advertise their propaganda… propaganda that’s seriously harmed people I care very much for!

  15. Uh Jake you are a F@*ng ignorant imbacile… Yes alcohol absolutely can set off your withdrawal even years later. You clearly have zero experience with benzodiazepine withdrawal. What do you know about withdrawal? What is your experience? Did you just decide that other drugs can’t trigger withdrawal post benzos? Like Jake said so. Jesus.

  16. Jake have you ever been thorugh benzo withdrawal yourself? Do you even take benzos yourself? If not then you have no opinion. Iv been through this and had a vicious setback from something other than benzos too my surprise. And let me point out that I never took benzos for anxiety or any other mental illness. So I had no prior condition. I took them for slight sleep issues. I went through it Jake, it’s unlike anything imaginable. It’s surprising ad hard to beleive until you experience it. It doesn’t even mimick normal anxiety, it’s brutal and painful and you want a bullet in your brain.

    Please keep an open mind. People are suffering heavily as a result of these drugs. I don’t understand the animosity. I’m lucky to be alive and live a much healthier life style now.

    Kind regards,

  17. So, Ross, you got prescribed benzos for “slight sleep issues” with no other conditions? Sure as hell must have been somewhere in the 80ies then, because that was the last time any doc would do that. And, concerning your “no prior/other conditions”… You seem to suffer from an inability to properly read other people’s posts on here. Otherwise you would not have asked your question about Jake and if he’d ever been through withdrawal. He wrote about it just some lines above.

  18. I was prescribed benzoyl for self-reported slight sleep issues with no other conditions in 2011.

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