Klonopin addict loses mind, torches house

I'm 45 and have lost ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.
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I’ve been fighting clonazepam withdrawal for four years now. I’ve made it through it twice only to b launched back into it by mistakes. Once from taking a prescribed drug called perphenizine which totally reset me back to zero. And once from taking Aleve. I’m 45 and have lost everything I own. My savings, my 401 k, my stock portfolio and my house ..which burned down while in clonopin withdrawal. My credits destroyed too. I’ve lost over 200,000 total.

I’m 45 yrs old and feel there’s no use in trying to start over. I’m too old. My life is over and I simply do not want to exist anymore.

One thought on “Klonopin addict loses mind, torches house

  1. “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything”. – Tyler Durden

    Bro, on the oft chance you’ll read this.. I’m in my forties too, have recently lost my whole family, all my mates, my soulmate, my health, my sanity, my home.. literally everything but my guitars (my favourite of which is now badly damaged)..

    However, I’ve never been so free of all the bullshit that drags us down. I’m slooooooowly rebuilding, my sanity is returning, my health is improving, and I sleep at night properly for the first time in 20yrs!

    I’d literally, literally have had zero chance of breaking good had I still been surrounded by benzobuddies and all the one-track misery it instills in people.

    Be smart.. break free from the echo-chamber.. start over. Nothing is stopping you but hopelessness. ✌️

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