Convicted drug dealer Flick forced to change Benzo Buddies name to Jetstream

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Hi folks, my name is jetstream, which says it all. I am cruising high and happy in the clouds these days. I did a 2.5 year taper off of 1.25 mg of klon, which I had been on for two years. I switched to 25 mg of valium and did a slow slow taper, which I managed very well in spite of various sx. I switched to liquid valium at 10mg and did a daily titration from there, which did make it quite a lot easier.

I have been off for three years as of Thanksgiving and am grateful very much. I still have a dash of dp/dr, which may resolve in more time and a tad of peripheral neuropathy in my fingers and toes. that is about it. not bad, eh? sure it takes time to taper and heal, but well worth the effort and a forum such as this is invaluable in the process. I hope I can contribute some positive input here . In my journey I have learned many valuable things. I no longer have anxiety disorder or panic attacks for a long time now. I am no longer depressed at all, and if fact am feeling very happy with life. and believe me, I went through my own private hell for years. hang in there Buddies. peace to you Jetstream

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