It’s okay to bash doctors at Benzo Buddies but not okay to point out members suffer from Munchausen

Re: proposed munchausian circle jerk emoji ?
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Quote from: [Buddie] on May 10, 2017, 06:39:01 am
I joined on to this forum 2 days ago during what appeared to me, to be a protracted w/d issue.
I found comfort in many of the heart felt dialogues.
It has occurred to me, for some, it may be a munchausian circle jerk.

I sincerely hope that is not the case, as it would seriously muddy the waters for people truly seeking specific help.
If it is, I propose the construction of a new emoji to express this case so that this concept can self regulate.

I hope I don’t get banned for saying so.


I know you’re new here, but there are some things about this forum it’s important for you to understand.  This is a very serious forum and it’s not a free for all. We have Rules and Guidelines here which we take seriously.  You agreed to abide by them when you joined, and one of the simplest but most important ones is:

Be polite towards, and respectful of, your fellow Buddies. We do not tolerate attacks upon fellow members. Any account created for the purposes of causing arguments and/or ill-feeling, will be banned.

We expect members to behave like adults, and not pass judgments on others or start arguments.  If someone else’s post bothers you, please just move on.  We take a very dim view of provocateurs here.  Many members are highly sensitive during withdrawal, hyper-sensitivity is itself a withdrawal symptom, and even something as simple as a “humorous” emoji may be considered offensive by some.  Here is a link to the rest of our

Rules & Guidelines

One thought on “It’s okay to bash doctors at Benzo Buddies but not okay to point out members suffer from Munchausen

  1. “If someone else’s post bothers you, please just move on.”

    Unless it’s an offensive emoji, in which case report it, because we can’t very well have out of control reality on this forum because before we know it we’ll have people joining and telling the truth about the idiocy of microtapering wih jewellers scales, and if you think emojis can cause offence, just wait until you see people being faced with information that runs contrary to the scientifically-devoid narrative about the $10 scales from Amazon!

    All fucking hell breaks loose and you’ll be attacked by the cliques!

    I mean, we don’t really care about suicidal members being attacked by cliques, so fuck you, you’ll be on your own, but we simply can’t have members being offended by god-damned emojis or by questioning anything we don’t like hearing.

    You agreed to the terms when you joined, so just fuck off and kill yourself if you don’t want to pander to our narrative.

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