43 thoughts on “Cult attacks Kristina for being sick?

  1. Uuurgh.

    Narcisissm and addiction to drama are the problems here. Not benzos, not mold, not Lyme, not the latest thing she’s latching onto called Autoimmune Encephalitis (which won’t be the latest thing for long because it’ll be surplanted by a new phony disease by this time next year).

    I just scanned her FB page, and it’s filled up entirely about her sickness(es), and focuses on all these alleged horrible meanies that aren’t swallowing her story without question. Doesn’t anybody see what’s going on with this sloshpot?

    By the way, Kristina.. Christianity and Nichiren Buddhism are diametrically opposed. It’s like saying that you follow a capitalist / communist ideology, or that you’re into left / right politics.

    It’s pretty obvious that you’re still just scamming the dumb christians out of donations for a phony cause, just like every charlatan preacher on tv.

    If you don’t lke negative comments, you could always try avoiding living every detail of your life on Social Media for public consumption!


  2. Haha Jake… like I said I have medical documentation to prove my illness. I saw the top Neurologist in the world for Autoimmune Encephalitis and was hospitalized by him. I had to sell my car and also still haven’t paid rent this month because traveling to New York is expensive. This isn’t a phony disease, I do have Lyme, I do have coinfections in fact I posted my positive test that my Dr did on me and multiple tests that my other Drs did on me before I left.

    I also posted dictation from an MRI done that showed cerebral atrophy aka brain damage…. you don’t get that from a benzo. Once again I was sick before the benzo which is why I got put on it in the first place. I could care if I ever get off Klonopin if I get my brain back and can live a normal life, have a family of my own and contribute to society instead of have to rely on donations or filling out endless disability paperwork trying to make ends meet.

    I know many people that are both Buddhist and Christian, I’m not scamming anyone….go look at my fund page it’s not like I’ve made a ton of money off of it but I do however appreciate those that have donated because they are sick with Lyme and still decided to help me get to NYC. Rarely do I post my crowdfunding link in fact I hate doing it, I posted it because going to NY depended upon it and because of all the people that were kind enough to donate I’m going to get life saving treatment that is verifiable via bloodwork and CT, MRI, EEG, and PET scans.

    Do you honestly think that the most sought after Neurologist in the world would take me on as a patient if he didnt see labs that pointed to something serious going on? I mean come on now. Did I have mold issues, yes! I moved out and no longer have issues with being exposed to mold, like I said I do have verifiable Lyme disease and co-infections. This is what I do not like about the benzo community is that everyone is so brainwashed to believe it has to be the drug and that you can’t have another medical issue causing symptoms that are severe. All of my Dr’s and neurologists have stated clearly to me we are not even thinking of tapering Klonopin until seizures have stopped for at least 6 months, glutamate levels are down and your brain is starting to heal from damage. I think they know what they are doing, and unlike the benzo community I do not think Dr’s are bad and out to get me.

    I post publicly because I have nothing to hide and hopefully it helps people who are going through a similar situation.

  3. All I’m hearing is…

    “It’s true because I say it is.”


    The UK’s best cardiologst says that I’m slowly dying of Cardiomyopathy (broken heart syndrome). So, everyone on Social Media should feel sorry for me for 2yrs, and then after that time is up my problem will shift to a long history of drug abuse coming back to haunt me because I ate too many cookies one day, and then after another 2yrs of people pandering to me and giving me sympathy and me making tonsof videos showing people how sick I am from day to day (no narcissistic attention seeking going on there at all) I’ll set up a Gofundme page so that I can get help wth the cost of organic cookies, and then after 2 more years of blaming all of the above for my looooooooong list of bizarre symptoms that make life so unbearably difficult I’ll declare that it wasn’t any of the above after all, and that my REAL problem is that I’ve got an autoimmune disease that means I’ll now be sick forever, so I’ll need even more attention from hundreds of other people.

    The best part of my little scheme is that literally anyone that questions the veracity of my assertions shall be publicly dismissed (time and time again so that I can get even more sympathy from others) as a “hater”, and I’ll simply attempt to prove them wrong by making yet more assertions about my diagnosis.

    I won’t acknowledge that my pattern of behaviour/symptoms over several YEARS have been absolutely consistent regardless of what I claim is ailing me, nor will I acknowledge that I talk complete and utter shit day in and day out on Social Media.

    I’ll just shriek “haha why would have I been seen by a top doctor then?” and expect everyone to believe me because I say it’s true.

    Finally, I’ll claim to be an atheistic theist, but I won’t bat an eyelid when someone points out the absurd contradicion-in-terms with my claim. I’ll easily brush that aside by claiming that I know many atheistic theists and run off into the night, acting as if my declaration actually means something. I’ll refuse to acknowledge what a phony I’m showing myself to be.

    And throughout all of this, I won’t once acknowledge that I’m an attention-seeking narc that has more holes in my stories than a wall that’s had a minigun fired at it for three hours straight!

    I’ll also keep myself blind to the massive amount of harm I’m leading others into with my unqualified, pseudomedical claims and advice about complex medical conditions of people I know nothing about.

    Gosh, why the hell have I never thought about taking this approach before today? It certainly seems to be working out for you. Then again, considering nearly all of the people that buy this crap are fucking retards and believe that angels are real, that planes never hit the towers and that there’s a global conspiracy to drug everybody with benzos, it’s no surprise you’re having so much success in building your following. In other words, absolutely gullible simpletons that’ll believe anything they’re told don’t generally see that they’re being manipulated!

    Unfortunately, I can think for myself and I’m a highly skilled lie detector, so I’m not buying the same rinse & repeat narcissist’s routine that you and some of your friends employ.

    Ps, I’m fundamentally the opposite of the herd in the “benzo community” (which is just a sham).
    Pps, the fact that you’re here giving me SO much useless information and diversions to justify what you do with your private life indicates to me that I’ve struck a nerve.

    I don’t really care about you or your life, live it how you wish to, but I do care about the innocent people being misled and harmed because of it. I’m a “warrior”, too, just not the same kind as you are.

    Jake out (for now).

  4. Wow! This Kristina thing has soooo many legs to it! It never ends, just evolves from one “illness” to another, all the while putting all the unsavory details on social media. Why? To help others as Kristina claims? Or are there other, darker and more self serving reasons? Only Kristina really knows. My opinion is Kristina loves attention, drama, and being a victim. She seems to suffer from drug addiction, anxiety, poor judgements and delusions.
    In all honesty, Kristina’s story might make a great case study for psychology students. It might also make an interesting movie-sad, but interesting, nonetheless. Maybe a combination of Sybil and shutter island? Sybil is now acknowledged as a complete fraud, by the way. The complexities of the human mind are extraordinary, add in drug addiction and whoa Nelly, things can get really strange in a hurry!

  5. PS I personally know many pill popping addicts who spend most of their days on an endless and often times futile quest, hopping doctor to doctor, test to test, hoping to find an underlying ailment that explains why they are feeling so poorly. It is also crucially important to have something to point to that absolves them from any personal responsibility for their drug addiction and it’s devastating problems it has caused them and anyone who got in their path. Their identity as an innocent blameless victim, and accidental addict is very important to these poor souls. Their inability to take a look long an honest look in the mirror, make their chances for recovery less than good.
    Sadly, if they search long enough, they will find unethical doctors that will enable and in fact, foster their mental illness. The internet is full of mystery kook “diseases” lymes, fibromyalgia, etc, etc, adinfinitum.
    To learn more, search munchausen by internet?

  6. Randy Young, are you? If not then by your own logic you’re not qualified to tell WK that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because you wouldn’t know, either.

    As it happens, he does, so it’s moot.

  7. He does what Jake? Why don’t you keep your mouth shut and let him speak for himself. He does not need you as his mouthpiece.

  8. Instead of deflecting your own logical failure about medical qualifications, why don’t you answer the question and then acknowledge that you’re just a little man with a superiority complex?

    I’m not answering anything for WK. I’m answering your post, and I was speaking for myself when I highlighted that you’re yakking nonsense.

    Now onto your second logical failure in as many useless posts.. on one hand you’re snapping at me to let WK answer his own posts, but on the other you’re also asking me what he does know.

    So, Mr intellectually-retarded, which of your irrelevant instructions should I not follow.. seeing as you’re not the boss of me?

    Back to the braindead cult for you. Go on.. shoo.

  9. Randy, go check out munchausen by internet and maybe we might discuss Kristina’s issues more intelligently. These patterns repeat. I can simply recognize this. To learn more about chronic Lyme and other frauds, check out quackwatch.org operated by Stephan Barrett, M.D. You will find a wealth of legitimate factual information that exposes health related fraud. Study for a few weeks and we can talk more? Please excuse my scepticism, but I doubt you have any interest in having a reason based, civil discussion of any sort. Cult members seldom do?

  10. Jake, what do you get out of posting to this blog? This tells me you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time you loser. Get a life and stop worrying about others moron. I suspect you are still stuck on these horrid drugs and looking for validation for your benzo addiction.

  11. Oh, dear Randy has returned with nothing but more vitriol and fail. I’m unsurprised, given your previous posts.

    It may surprise you to know that the only drug I use is caffeine. It may also surprise you to know that what I do with my free time is not your business, but since you’ve decided to make it yours, allow me to return the favour:

    A) If posting to this blog equates to me having nothing better to do with my time and makes me a loser, then what does it say about you for coming here to post absolutely nothing but insults and petty accusations to someone that, in your eyes, is a loser with nothing better to do? It hardly makes you any better, does it?

    B) Worrying about others is a noble use of anyone’s time. The fact that, in your eyes, it’s an act that’s worthy of insulting somone and indicative of a moron tells me something about you. It tells me that you could probably do with adopting a better worldview.

    C) If, as you say, I’m just another victim of “horrid benzos”, and you disagree with attacking people that are “victims of horrid benzos” (an accusation you’ve leveled at M59), then why are you using this blog to attack someone that you claim to be addicted to benzos? That would make you somewhat of a hypocrite, wouldn’t it?

    Now, given that these concepts are already beyond your level of comprehension, I doubt very much that you’d be able to grasp the complexities of my motivations for posting here. But I’ll try and dumb it down just for you:


    Is that clear enough, Mr Troll?

  12. Mike, why did you delete my comment? You seem to let Jake and Whiteknight post whatever they wish. A lot of what Jays says is utter nonsense.

  13. So, Randy, specifically what have I said that’s “utter nonsense”?

    Can you actually answer that, or are you just going to continue with vague assertions and insults?

    Ps, not all of my posts are added, but I don’t cry about it. This isn’t a publicly-owned blog.

  14. What’s the matter, Randy, why are you unable to give specific examples of the “utter nonsense” that you allege “most of my posts” contain?

    4 days on and no sign of you all of a sudden; if you can’t substantiate your assertions we’ll have to just dismiss them as trolling!

  15. Jake what are you so upset about? I dislike social media at times too as it can be narcisstic and self centered.
    But why are you so fired up about her? The problem with this autoimmune/ Lyme disease is non of it is set in stone. Yes some of it is nonsense but I assure you they symptoms are real. What is causing them is debatable.

    Interestingly she does speak out against the use of benzos. You seem to be the type of person she is taking about.
    With that said I do agree she does exhibit narcissistic symptoms but so does much of the population of Facebook.

  16. I’m not upset about anything, John. I’m concerned for the reams of vulnerable people she, and a few others like her, cons.

    For me it’s that cut & dry.

  17. These mysterious lyme diagnosis are complete b.s. I live in a state that has one of the highest rates of lyme disease, i’m an outdoors person, and I’ve yet to contract it throughout my life (in late 30’s now). isn’t this chick from Seattle? It’s been awhile, but I remember her lyme test showed negative from some picture she posted.

  18. These people don’t want to be in good health.

    If they were then their life of being an online “warrior” (and all of the opportunity to fool others that comes with it) would have to end. Then what would they do?

    I think they’re addicted to the lifestyle.

  19. I think something fishy is going on too. I actually believe she does have some kind of physical problem because there’s no way she doctored those test results she has with her full name . However I’m not sure it’s lyme. I honestly think she has a couple of personality disorders. She can never keep her story straight. She says she doesn’t want her personal business out there but puts it all up on Facebook. She gets offensive when people with good intentions give her advice. Now all of a sudden her symptoms of enchephalitis and seizures are gone due to getting her tonsils taken out. She said for weeks seizure free and getting her life back. Before this she said some guy cheated on her and actually had defamed him saying he’s a heroin addict and posted his jobs info . She called him all sorts of names. So recently she gets back with this dude and now all of a sudden they are having issues again (might be 5th time I’ve lost count) and now all of a sudden she is having a flare and seizuring again. Every time she has issues with men I Notice she either gets sick again and has to go to the er. I feel she does things for attention and something is mentally wrong with her . Possibly borderline and historic personality disorder . I’m sure she will come up with something else and do the er thing a couple of times before the year is up

  20. Like ami said above I had doubts going back and forth believing her. Some of what Kristina says is truth and some of it I believe is distorted and made up. each time she gets real sick it’s around the time she has problems with two men I. Her life. I won’t say their names. One was basically her caretaker and friend another was a lover (her ex multiple times). She seeks attention when they are away threatening suicide or saying she needs them right away because of seizuring etc . She accuses some dude of cheating but keeps going back with him. They go back and forth on fb (think both are attention seekers) and eventually she deletes the fb post. Like today I saw a post of her saying crap about her now ex but deleted of course . In the post one girl said probably not a good idea to put all this on her fb and that she thought Kristina was going to stop doing it. Then her minions games up on the girl saying she should have contacted Kristina in inbox . Kristina deleted post . Hours later another post talking about how she’s seizuring so hard

  21. Hmm, yes, the “I had problems with my ex and he’s to blame for everything wrong in my life so I’ll make up shit about him on Social Media”.

    I’m familiar with that one!

  22. No one is addicted to being sick. Benzos can make you sick for a very long time. Most of you people are idiots.

  23. As far as urine goes , drinking it sometimes is an old ayurvedic remedy that many in India and elsewhere swear by. I read that some of the new ager types had parties where some people drank other’s urine, but it was to show how harmless and safe it is, since urine is sterile. I never went to one of those parties, although I did drink my own urine in the morning once for a month to check it out as a healing method. It was harmless enough and did not make me feel weird or anything. did not seem to treat the illness I was trying to treat either, so I simply stopped, no w/d or side effects lol.

  24. Galvin, yes there are. There’s even a medical term for it: MALINGERING.

    Wilful ignorance is more convenient though, right?

  25. She for sure has some of cluster b personality disorder types. Every week she’s “outing” someone as she calls it and trying to humiliate others to suite her own agenda. She twists other people’s words around and lies lies lies. People are finally starting to figure it out. Even some of her minions!

  26. Harry . Now all of a sudden all her posts from 2008 disappeared on fb. She said that someone must have reported her . First of all I’ve seen people go to Facebook jail and their account back with all their posts there . She probably erased all of it herself because people are realiaxknf her stories are not adding up. I’ve said before I felt sorry for her but she’s also very manipulative . I feel she’s scamming people. She’s sick but it’s mostly probably a bunch of personality disorders . I’ve suspected borderline , histrionic and dependent personality disorder with a touch of anxiety . She cannot keep men out of her life . She’s always breaking up with this one dude and calling him out all on fb. I’ve seen her post his phone number and where he works. She also defamed him and said he did heroin. Then she got back with him and now they broke up again. I’ve never seen such a mess on fb before. I’m not even a friend of hers but just follow because it’s like a soap opera . If it’s one thing its another with her. Now I see she’s claiming she’s going crazy from being tested for rabies. Wtf. Oh yeah and she comes up different illnesses and crying out for help everytime her and her boyfriend break up. It’s attention seeking

  27. Crazy from a rabies test? Sure thing.

    I mean, who couldn’t have predicted that it’d be some new fandangled disease cropping up sooner or later.. but rabies, nae a simple test for rabies? Yep, that’s a new one.

    Kristina isn’t the only one of her ilk that are fleecing genuinely sick & poor people via the Internet (is it her friend, Heather Solimine, that was begging under the same ‘sickness scam’ for money to move apartment?), but hopefully more people will wise up to how this particular online scam operates.

    Fortunately I’m not the only one that sees it in action.

  28. Haha someone on her fb said if she had rabies she would already be dead . People are questioning her . I’m sorry not many people with severe encephalitis would be on Facebook making coherent long posts. Well she calls if severe .

  29. I honestly thought I was the only person who assumed Kristina had Munchausen’s. I feel like a weight has been lifted, as I was always in opposition to the opinions of our mutual friends. I feel better to know that I’m not alone.

  30. Agree w most of you. I’m chiming in because I used to be friends w her, until one day she decided to have it out w me due to my stance on porn. It had nothing to do w her, but she took it personal and made it about her. Very narcissistic! Then she blocks me, talks trash about me behind my back, tells a fb friend untrue things that she said I had spoken about him, he gets defensive talks badly about me, comes clean and he tells me the truth. She unblockes me only to warn me about him and I tell her she’s ridiculous. Then she goes on her fb slamming me again. Yet I’ve done nothing to her or even said anything public about her until now. Using my friends computer, they told me to speak out: so I am. Something isn’t right w her in the head! She needs help! But refuses psycho therapy!

  31. Oh I forgot to add I don’t think she has. Munchhausen‘s , she really is sick. But I def think she’s got some psych issues that need to be dealt w in counseling, not meds!
    It’s sad really!

    Just want to make sure I’m not being confused w the other Melissa

  32. I think I’ve seen your replies Melissa to her. She gets very defensive and stabs people in the back. Never friended her but found out about her when she had YouTube and then I followed her fb posts . She can’t keep relationships friendwise and relationships with men. This is why I think she has borderline personality disorder and yes some psych issues . She may def have lyme because I can’t see how she could fake test results but her behavior is appalling

  33. Omg Tiffany yes you hit the nail on the head. Def borderline personality disorder.
    It’s really very sad. She’s def sick though, I’ve seen her test results. And I don’t think she’d do a spinal tap if she wasn’t sick.

  34. omg I know her and this is bizarre I came across this thread while searching about Lyme. Kristina is not a fake or a fraud! She’s very sick! She doesn’t like getting in the middle of things and stress will be too much for her to handle in her critical condition, so I won’t even mention this page to her. But all I can ask is that you kindly remove the page. Thank you?

  35. She is at it again…but now ‘cured’ in a week with cbd ! if she does receive disability i hope they are watching this fakir

  36. Oh my God. CBD… the ever loving cure all for every fucking disease/disorder there is. The snake oil of the 21st century. This is coming from someone who thinks cannabis has a legitimate place in medicine. In my city there are more charlatans hawking CBD oil that isn’t even tested than there are Walgreens pharmacies. And there is a Walgreens about every 5-10 blocks. 🙄. Oh. And fuck off with “chronic Lyme”, LEAKY GUT AND LEAKY BRAIN syndromes. I saw a bunch of poor souls who seemed to have leaky brain syndrome, but it wasn’t the type they referred to. 🤮

  37. She moved on to saying she no longer had lyme ever or pandas that it was an extreme deficiency of b-12 and started promoting the brand that sells her vials of b12 to inject at home. She’s super unsigned, drank while pregnant, hides her alcoholism.

    I think she has BPD, codependency histrionic personality and dependance disorder. From what I can tell she calls everyone a bully and blocks them and gets everyone to feel bad for her on Facebook. She can’t stay single longer than 2 weeks.

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