3am & loosing it
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I woke up about 1 after after already going to sleep with a panic attack at 10pm
It started cause I felt nauseous and had pain in my stomach . In a recent post I said how my stomach pulsates a lot and my biggest fear with that is an abdominal anyuerusm . Of course being the health anxiety person that I am I GOOGLED IT !
Up comes back pain, flank pain & naesous . So now I’m terrified and about to drag my butt to the ER at 3am because of this .
I can’t stop shaking, tried distracting myself with shows, puzzles, games on my phone but my mind comes back to how sick I feel and how much I’m shaking and can feel my entire body pulsating . My stomach pulsates !!!!

So terrified right now and trying really hard not to rescue dose !

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  1. To me that sounds like anxiety. Benzos are very useful for quelling the symptoms ***while the patient does something to address the root cause of the anxiety***. Magic pharmacuetical cures for life-problems do not exist.

    The trouble with most of the people I encountered at benzobuddies was the insatiable need to believe that chemicals solve the problems we all have in our lives. They don’t.

    They then decide to remove the medication and without having addressed the cause for the anxiety, or any form of strategy to deal with the return of it, they experience chronic anxiety-related symptoms and will bame everything on “hellish” benzos, the “useless” doctors that prescribed the benzos and then the “conspirators” at companies that manufactured the benzos. This is blame-shifting at its finest, and it doesn’t help relieve symptoms while withdrawing from medication, nor does self-diagnosis via the Internet!

    Listening to trained professionals with years of experience tends to produce far better results than listening to less-than-sane people that are justifying their own symptoms on an Internet forum.

    When you’re listening to people that rigidly believe things that are demonstrably false, the narrative one tends to build in one’s own mind is almost certainly just as flawed.

    This is precisely how any cult brainwashes its followers, and nobody in the cult ever believes that a cult is what they’re involved in!

    Personally, I’d rather think for myself, and that’s why I’m now benzo free without one single withdrawal symprtom. Breaking away from the cult was one of the few good things I’ve done for myself over the past couple of years.

    I hope she manages to find the same enlightenment and help herself.

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