4 thoughts on “Anti-psychiatry movement wants to banish psychiatry and psychiatrists from the Earth by producing shitty music that sounds like it was made by a psychotic

  1. Lol. Ok, sure, Danny. Here’s fifty grand, now market these unmade tunes aggressively.

    Anyway, what does 50k get us these days.. one week on a billboard somewhere in a remote town nobody’s ever heard of?

    You should watch a few episodes of Dragon’s Den, chum, and get an idea of how deluded you sound!

    Seems you’re just another conman playing the ‘long game’ against morons to get paid for nothing!

  2. This is a crazy ass scam, for sure. But he is playing Scientologists song, and may get some of the cults money. Pretty sick, pretty sad. I would love to hear this music, just for the laughs?

  3. Thanks for the link. I expected to laugh, but instead I felt the music was a half assed joke. It robbed me of a few minutes of my life. Really, really, bad….terrible in fact. Does he really think he has talent, or is in any way good? Delusions running wild I guess.
    Btw, I could write, perform, and record a benzo song for free. Promotion would have little to no cost. Just a few hours of someone’s time. What a joke his request for 50k is!!!!!!

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