Benzo Buddies member: ‘Jennifer Leigh not benzo qualified’

Re: Has anyone here had a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Leigh?
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I must speak. I has contact with this woman years ago. She has no benzodiazepine qualifications. She was unable to comprehend grammar school science. Now she promotes herself as an expert She remains impressed with her uneducated self substituting sidling up to people whom she considers prominent. Syncophant. Potential buyers, beware. She is unqualified Soothing words with authoritative airs are not worth $100 an hour up front yet!

One thought on “Benzo Buddies member: ‘Jennifer Leigh not benzo qualified’

  1. Benzobuddies et-al is a magnet for scammers and those seeking to exploit others. Their security checks are a nice gesture but in reality if everyone is anonymous then how the hell can anybody be properly prevented from scamming the dullcows there?

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