Benzo addicts jealous of opioid addicts

does anyone else feel frustrated about the amount of attention on opioid WD
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It is hard not to feel angry about the amount of attention being given to the opioid problem and the amount of financial support or resource support going to opioid use / withdrawal……. i suspect benzo WD is far more profound a problem but because benzo use is associated with anxiety and many of the WD symptoms appear to be “psychological” – we are dismissed …….. i know anger is not a productive emotion but yesterday saw a press conference with President Trump and how he’s tackling this and it was hard not to feel angry….. i worked so hard in corporate america for 20 yrs – 50-60 hour weeks – paid a fortune in taxes and yet there is no help and i could lose everything for taking a prescription given to me following a surgery and used according to the instructions provided…… from people i know who got off opioids – their WD is not fun but its nothing compared to this…… we deal with both GABA and dopamine receptors being screwed up …… you read stories where people say getting off heroine was easier…. what does that say? feeling very frustrated by this….

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  1. Are you f**king kidding me???? I was put on Morphine ES for chronic pain and ended up suicidal from the shite depressant effects of it. I felt depressed and slightly lacking in sleep, but NBD. Getting off klonopin? Also no big deal. It’s been MONTHS since I took a benzo and I promise you, folks, you won’t die! Nor will you be in withdrawal forever, NOR do you need to take 15 frickin years to taper. Sack up, or realize that perhaps you do indeed have a mental illness and listen to a competent physician. Mine put me on medical cannabis. Think it’s a crutch? Or an excuse to get high? Wrong. Do some research. Ronny Reagan ain’t president, nor is it 1940. Get a grip, people!

  2. “You cannot talk about benzo withdrawal unless you’ve experienced it yourself” – Popular benzobuddy rhetoric.

    I’ve had brutal opioid withdrawal, and it’s far FAR worse than benzo withdrawal. Fortunately its over in a linear fashion of one week.

    The reason so much attention is given to opioid addiction is because virtually EVERYBODY that abuses it (or uses it daily for long periods) becomes addicted to it. The reality is that virtually NOBODY becomes addicted to benzos.

    This is not really that difficult to calculate. Just don’t suggest something like, ya know, the truth, on the forum or you’ll be marked for trolling!

  3. LOL I mean, it’s sad, but like most things in life, if you don’t laugh…you’ll end up a BenzoBuddy? LMAO It’s truly sad. And you’re correct. I was a member BRIEFLY years ago and the moment I began suggesting any opinion other than “what’s allowed” or calling out admins, I got busted haha. Then banned. I come here from time to time. It so sad to see this shit still going on. Pathetic–but we have a “VENDETTA.” I suggest googling, “paranoia” to some. 🙂

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