‘I can’t feel my body! Immense fear!’

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener. It's harmless.
  • Kook #1: “I had xylitol on Friday . I think maybe it made me feel like this. Like I’m back in acute.
  • Kook #2: “That’s the stuff in whitening chewing gum?”
  • Kook #1: “It’s a sugar alternative. I think in some gum too.
  • Kook #3: “Xylitol is poisonous for dogs!”
  • Kook #4: “If it’s just xylitol you will get over this. You’ve gone without benzos for almost a year! Think about that and try not to obsess about how you are currently feeling.”
  • Kook #1: “Dunno what else it could be. Had to be the xylitol. It was only new thing I did, and this started right after drinking it.
  • Kook #5: “Come on Jonny hang on! The motherfuckers who poisonned [sic] us are NOT gonna win!”
  • Kook #6: “I’m glad you are feeling better. I did want to remind you that I’ve warned you on xylitol two times in the past when you had horrific symptoms and had taken a supplement or ate something with that it in. I suggest you make a list of your known trigger foods and use it. There is plenty of symptoms we can’t control during this journey. I am damned sure to purposefully and mindfully abstain from substances that are known triggers. Hoping you continue to feel better as the day goes on.”
  • Kook #1: “That’s one of my big issues, I’ll try a food or something, and have a reaction. then 2 months later I freaking forget! so then I try it again. It’s a viscous [sic] cycle. I am gonna write it down this time.

One thought on “‘I can’t feel my body! Immense fear!’

  1. ECHO ECHo ECho Echo echo.. ECHO.

    The hypochondria is strong with this one!

    The sad part is that it’s like a virus that’ll spread to other vulnerable people who aren’t able to fend it off.

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