6 thoughts on “Kristina diagnosed with rabies?

  1. Seriously?

    Kristina, give it up, eh? Most of the people you’re manipulating are actually investing their real time into you, believing the things you’re telling them via Social Media. It’s harming them!

    You’re obviously just inventing one diagnosis after another. What’s it going to be next?


  2. It’s so amazing how she comes up with this after all her posts from 2008 have been deleted . Allegedly from someone reporting her account when I think she deleted all of it herself! People are even questioning her on it and she keeps saying it makes sense since she’s going nuts and because she’s been to the Best doctors . What else illness will she come up with next

  3. Who pays her bills for all the “best doctors”? Who pays for her insurance? I couldn’t afford that many doctors in America unless I had a seriously good insurance and/or lots of cash. Doesn’t she claim to have neither?

    And when do FB or YouTube delete specific years worth of posts? They don’t. She deleted all of her contradictory YT posts last year. Now there are only 3 videos.

    Her past will catch up with her later. It always does.

  4. Some dude who is her caretaker:/now ex supposedly has good health insurance and she isn’t married to him but allegedly on paper is his domestic spouse so she said she is getting treatment under his insurance . Also well she does have a go fund me account . I remember her pleading for $ because she was out of rent for 3 months and the landlord was going to kick her out . While being with this caretaker she was with another man and he is now an ex . It’s a mess . Legit soap opera . Exactly jack she’s always deleting because people are catching on her. I’m not going to lie I felt sad for her and unfortunately gave her some $ (not much but something to help) when I saw all her YouTube accounts crying pleading for help . I thought she was really sick with Lyme. The go fund me account with her mother made it look realistic. I honestly don’t even think it’s lyme and she tested a false positive (it exists). I’ve seen the benefits of benzos so I do not demonize them and hate doctors but there can be withdrawal effects. I bet most of hers was withdrawal from those YouTube videos and I’m pretty damn sure she has a bunch of personality disorders. She manipulative , changes stories, comes up with different illnesses . She’s pretty much probably blacklisted from some of the hospitals in Seattle

  5. I am telling you, her story might make a great movie. A cautionary tale to be sure. I think it might be a modern day “Sybil” in the sense it is a shocking story of a young lady with profound mental illness, and a flare for deception. I am afraid no one will ever know the whole truth of her situation including Kristina her self. If you lie often enough, one tends to belief ones own lies. She has alternative facts, maybe even alternative realities.

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