That’s not in the Ashton Manual

Spine feels like a snake?
« on: December 01, 2017, 12:05:52 pm »


Does anybody get this?

My spine and spinal muscles feel like they are a snake thrashing around and trying to escape.

All the muscles down either side of my spine and in my hips, shoulders, neck and face have become stringy and brittle and have no elasticity.

I have had all of this a long time following a spinal injury in 1998 but without the diazepam it is really bad.

One thought on “That’s not in the Ashton Manual

  1. Using benzodiazepines for legitimate medical issues that are perfectly treatable with medications is HERESY!

    One must conduct a medically-unsound microtaper on the advice of people that are not qualified to diagnose & prescribe.

    THAT is the benzobuddies way, and woe betide any of you that question it!

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