Benzo Buddies member laments having to give up booze

no more social drinking!! makes me sad
« on: December 28, 2017, 09:09:37 am »


My insomnia is just as bad as the beginning (end of april 2017) when I quit Temazepam.
My insomnia was moderate to mild when I started the Temazapam, but got severe after going on those pills.
It has an effect on all aspects of my life: work (concentration, not being so happy and ergetic anymore), social (going out a lot less), relationship (not the energy to do fun things), self-esteem (nobody feels good with only 2 hours of broken sleep a night) etc.

The think I did enjoy was my weekly going out with friends, I would drink two glasses of wine, sometimes even three. I feel like a normal person and forget about this benzo horror. Still, I could never ever sleep after a night of drinking (not even the two hours), but it felt like worth it in the sense that at least I felt like a normal person one night a week.

Now, these Christmas days, I drank two glasses of wine on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I am awake now for 4 days already. I guess it is time to let go of that part of life also. It is stealing away my social life also.

Ofcourse, I should be able to enjoy nights out without wine, but I found it difficult!

So, from now on… No more wine for me in 2018 (from now on).
Anyone else struggling with giving up social drinking?

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