Ashton tapers cause debilitating weakness

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I feel so weak. I feel like I’m just going to drop and collapse. I close my hand to make a fist and it’s so weak. I used to be such a strong person always in shape I can hardly recognize myself anymore

Re: Weakness
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It gets better. I had the same problem early on. I used to play hockey and it got to the point during my taper where I couldn’t pull myself over the boards to change lines, so I had to quit. Of course, everything else got worse for awhile, but then it got better. Hang in there. You’ll get better, too.

Re: Weakness
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Being so weak it’s hard to even move? I quit the booze 9 months ago and Klonopin Aug of 2016

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  1. The product leaflet would have warned you to avoid mixing benzos with alcohol, right? Did they advise joining a cult of misinformed self-appointed quacks to get advice on tapering?

    But from the eyes of the benzo community.. what does big pharma know about pharmaceuticals?

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