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My name is Darren I am from the UK.

I took Valium/Xanax from 2013 till November 2017, I underwent a clinical detox/taper mid November for 3 weeks and have been suffering with withdrawal symptoms since leaving the treatment centre on December 5th with severe anxiety and agoraphobia.

I wish to seek help and confidence from other people going through the same as me

Thank you

One thought on “Welcome to Benzo Buddies

  1. 3yrs on benzos in the UK in modern times? Hmm.

    It’s possible that he’s still adjusting to life without a CNS, which takes time to stabilise from.

    I hope he leaves benzobuddies before they convince him that he’ll be permanently injured and needing to accept years worth of psychosomatic withdrawal symptoms.

    The power of suggestion is a subversive threat when we’re vulnerable and surrounded by an elite group of CCHR infiltrators!

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