Are Benzo Buddies members forbidden to have sex?

Physical intimacy (for women mostly) Getting it back
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I miss having passion. Initially, I know the benzos just about killed it. Tapering (and the wd) put the nail in the coffin. I am in the later stages of menopause, that contributes. I do believe once I finish my taper, then heal from that, it will come back, perhaps just not as strong. Anyone find a way to wake up your desire while in the prices of tapering?? (not porn) Thanks!

Re: Physical intimacy (for women mostly) Getting it back
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I was tapering through the menopause, which was no picnic! I had a problem with dryness – which I solved by using a simple OTC lubricator.
I didn’t take any HRT – my own choice. I am now about 2 yrs post menopause and the dryness has actually improved.
Tapering is stressful, and when you’re under stress – it’s hard to feel playful and sexy – but I still appreciated the closeness of an intimate relationship with my husband. Try and have some fun outings together, or do things you both enjoy – or whatever you like to do together. Just enjoying each other’s company will help to bring the passion back.

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