10 thoughts on “New study: Antidepressants effective

  1. They’re effective when we believe they’re effective. That’s precisely why we test efficacy against placebos and the difference is always marginal between sugar pills and the real thing. That proves that, to some degree, mind over matter is a real thing. This is part of how all medicine/drugs works. Nothing wrong with that as a lot of patients are helped by meds.

    Trying to convince benzobuddies that placebo effect works in reverse (believing in negative effects) is an exercise in being met with ferocious groupthink and abuse, however.

    It’s a shame, really, as accepting this reality would significantly help many benzobuddies withdraw from their meds quicker and with far fewer negative effects.

    But, oh well, let’s just keep the malingerers pity party going instead and keep feeding the CCHR agenda, and then threaten people posting the truth about it here with death, suffering and torture (because that makes benzobuddies SO superior).

    Actually, fuck it, why don’t I rejoin benzobuddies and make sounds in the echo chamber? Ah yes, because it’d be easier to hack into the Pentagon than open an account there, as they don’t like transparency / change / people armed with facts.

    I fear if I hung around there again I might be infected with the group delusion and start believing that my heart medication is killing me rather than saving my life.

  2. Benzos are not heart medications. Benzobuddies only helps those who have become tolerant to benzos and are now being made sick by them. Please get your facts straight. Many studies show AD’s are not much better than placebo.

  3. You’re sort of proving the point about benzobuddies’ coming here to deflect & repeat rhetoric, Mary.

    I hope you break free from the groupthink someday

  4. AD’s, I am afraid, are sucker pills. It is interesting to look into how the clinical trials are structured. There are substantial problems with these. They are deeply flawed. So an AD’s clinical trail, if successful, will show a small improvement in reported depression vs a placebo. Not very impressive. Now understand that participants can easily tell when they received the AD because of the significant unpleasant side effects. This will prejudice this person to generally conclude they are feeling less depressed. They believe they got real medicine, and hope springs eternal, right? Even so, it still barely beats a sugar pill! There never has been and never will be a pill to create the lasting illusion of a good life whilst actually living a bad one. If somebody still thinks these are great medicines, God love them.

  5. In the states we favor ssri’s, but ironically, in Europe there are AD’s with the exact opposite mode of action ( decreasing seratonin) that work as well or better! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! But really, this defies any rational explanation. It makes me laugh!

  6. There is both a high serotonin and low serotonin depression, as well as serotonin that has nothing to do with serotonin. In someone with high serotonin depression, antidepressants can lead to serotonin syndrome. There should probably be some kind of lab work done to determine the appropriate medication rather than the pure guesswork that doctors currently do.

  7. Because the whole “chemical imbalance” theory is unprovable and theoretical at best, there are no real tests for this this sort of thing. It is a giant and harmful scam, similar to the whole supplements scam that was so popular a few years back. It is now almost universally accepted the almost all supplements do more harm than good, and shorten life spans.
    Mental illness is real, but we have no drugs to cure them. If you use drugs to treat them, the side effects are so awe full, they are rarely actually worth it. The best you can hope for is a chemical straight jacket effect or some level of intoxication that might temporarily ward off some of the more unpleasant manifestations of the mental illness. Long term drug use to treat mental illness is an exercise in futility that will one day be looked back upon as barbaric and inhumane.

  8. You speak of the supplements scam as if it’s over. It is currently stronger and more convoluted than ever with naturopaths ‘prescribing’ someone up to 50 supplements per month based on more and more bogus tests that come out. And the prime targets are places like Benzo Buddies and anyone with a chronic physical or mental illness who is desperate for help.

  9. Lance, 10 -15 years ago, we had many main stream doctors and health experts singing the praises of anti oxidants and various supplement pills and potions. Vitamin pills were all the rage. One by one, science has found them all to a dangerous and often harmful waste of time and money.
    Thankfully the supplement pushers have been pushed further back into the fringe now. You are correct that only the most vulnerable, ignorant, gullible, and desperate amongst us tend to fall victim to these scams these days.

  10. The above study is pure trash! It found first generation TCA’s were most effective!? What a misleading joke! Those drugs tended to be heavily sedating, with terrible side effects. This is why SSRI were developed and they took over the market. If it sedates you, and you have notable negative side effects, clinical trial participants know the got the real drug, and not a placebo. They then tend to report anti depressed states of mind. They simply tend to report what they think they should report. The power of suggestion is very powerful. If you are depressed or sad and are looking for a drug to help, believing you got the sugar pills would tend to depress a participant in such a trial.
    Dear God, people sure are gullible. Magic happy pills my ass!

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