Dark chocolate binge sends kook over the edge

Dark Chocolate Caused Big Wave
« on: February 23, 2018, 02:09:14 pm »


Major DR, depression, poor sleep, hopelessness, anxiety, SI, detached. All from eating (a lot of) dark chocolate. I hope I feel better today.

Re: Dark Chocolate Caused Big Wave
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I hope you feel better today, too! As much as I love chocolate, I found out the hard way that it affects me in the same way. It seems I’ve become quite sensitive to both sugar and caffeine, both of which are ingredients in most chocolate.

One thought on “Dark chocolate binge sends kook over the edge

  1. No. Sorry. Unless you have an allergy to chocolate it does not cause any of those symptoms. Those are the symptoms of mental health issues and a deflection of those symptoms onto anything but the root causes. This type of thinking is what causes years-long problems (aka on benzobuddies as “protracted acute withdrawal symptoms”).

    I had a lot of anxiety today and it’s because my life is pretty stressful & uncertain right now and I haven’t properly addressed the root causes.. not because I used to use benzos at ultra high doses.

    Acknowledging that allows me the possibility of actually finding the causes and tackling them. Blaming the anxiety on benzos, or chocolate, would prevent me from looking for the root causes and would prolong the problem.

    It’s a shame that so many gullible people will swallow the benzo warrior narrative, and be harmed by it.

    Sigh. 😔

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