We received this message today:

‘Hi my names Debbie xxxxxxxx I’ve been on xanax since I was 12 I’m 46 and my Phychtirist just pulled me off cold turkey . I’ve almost died 3 times went into a coma . I’ve had to lower my self to taking my dead moms Xanax and even buy them off ppl. My health is bad I’ve been practically bedridden for 14 years. I got deadly disease and heart problems the list goes on and on . I’ve been in detox twice but that hasn’t helped me for one I need a long taper . And 2 I cannot funtion without any benzos . I’ve had severe anxiety and panic attacks since I was little and I got post traumatic stress syndrome now . I’m worse than ever and I will die if I can’t get help . Illl always have these problems but I’ve lived on xanax since I was 11 and I’m almost 47 . And phcucsllkg so sick . I need help now and the way my last Phychtirist lied on my records no one will see me a Phychtirist. I’m in to bad shape to be anywhere and they don’t help me . When I’ve got out of detox I was shaking so bad I had tremors and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Please I live in the USA . My phone number is xxxx-xxx-xxxx . I am desperate please I need a dr that will help me taper me . Thank u Miss , Debbie xxxxxxxx’

Debbie we are not a site where people come for professional medical advice. What we do is warn people away from anti-psychiatry cults, like Scientology and Benzo Buddies. Our advice to you is to immediately seek the help of a medical professional, at a hospital emergency room if needed, and – by all means – stay away from websites that are not legitimate, and hurt people, such as Benzo Buddies. 

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