Cult member ditches pills for booze, with predictable results

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Hi guys.

I’m about 2 and a half years off of Xanax.

I’ve enjoyed some good functionality and windows all along, and around the 2 year mark, things really seemed to take a turn for the better. I’m talking I almost felt healed in April of this year. I was confident in general.

Then, I decided to have a beer one night with a friend. Just 1.

That turned into drinking nearly every night for a month.

During that month of drinking, I still felt my normal symptoms, but still felt mostly normal and good. Being drunk felt normal, and not that weird messed up drunk that you sometimes get in withdrawal. I thought I was good to drink.

Now I’ve gone 1 week with no alcohol, and surprise, my symptoms have come back pretty strongly. It feels like a constant, burning glutamate storm.

I have a wedding and new job coming up, and I can’t stop worrying about how bad I’ll feel, how inept I’ll be, etc.

So this is just a piece of advice: Don’t drink, even if you feel like you can. (I did)
Or if you do decide to drink, drink in moderation. 1 or 2 drinks, 1 or 2 times a week, or whatever you can tolerate.

Can anybody offer me their experience with drinking during withdrawal? Will my symptoms get better again soon?


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