Benzo Buddies members forced to give up coffee

Tried Coffee Today
« on: July 23, 2018, 04:58:45 pm »


I hadn’t had coffee in 41 days. I’m just over four months off Klonopin as of Saturday, and the depression I’ve been feeling hasn’t really improved at all, so I wanted to give coffee a shot and see how I would do with it. My friend said, since I’d been drinking coffee for eight years prior to this whole benzo ordeal, that quitting coffee altogether might be the reason the depression is actually bad. He said that coffee actually increases dopamine in your brain.

My setback occurred in June, and I believe it was more from drinking a few drinks than the coffee. So far, I do not feel depressed, and I do not feel like the racing thoughts I usually have in the mornings are any worse yet. The only thing I notice is weak muscles, which I wasn’t having until today.

What are peoples’ thoughts about coffee? Does it make symptoms worse or better? I’m looking to help my depression, which coffee may do; however, I don’t want a bunch of other symptoms to pop up.

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