Cult member laments he can’t get high anymore

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I broke down and smoked a joint for the first time in many years a couple of days ago. I didn’t feel anything; just got tired. Everyone else was higher than a kite. Another sign my brain has changed. And now a couple days after I feel like crap; symptomatic and poisoned feeling. Joy.
Anyone else have a similar experience?

4 thoughts on “Cult member laments he can’t get high anymore

  1. I though you ran this site because you wanted to help people. Is labelling everyone who uses benzobuddies a cult member helping?

  2. If you smoke enough of the shit, that is where you get to. No high, just smoking in a futile attempt to feel “normal” again. And then you you cash and feel worse than before. The addict has developed tolerance and is now likely to look for a new drug that might do the trick.
    No thanks!

  3. Why the hostility on this site? Are you people 12? Geez. I mean literally like why the fuck would you care??? Its obvious you are all just ignorant assholes after reading 2 “articles”. Have a nice weekend. Try to have some fun without demeaning stuff you don’t understand. You think these people are not mentally well and it’s ok to make fun of them? 👍👍.

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